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Tragedy that will follow us forever

As the days approach close to the deadly date of 12th May the tension in the city is mounting. The incidents that took place last week, to me looked like a wakeup call for the PPPP and the Coalition government in the province. A series of riots around the city for two continuous days just opened up the claims of situation under control boss from the governing authorities and as a result of the failure of the authorities about 40 people lost the race of life. 40 people may sound not as much but let me rephrase this and put it this way that 40 families were shattered and robbed of their right to live a happy life. The future of the kids was darkened and destroyed and the lifeline for them was just discontinued. Alas!! Nothing has changed. Same old politics on the dead bodies started right away and still continues. Everyone claims to have had the greatest share in the loss. Alas!! Our people, the society, Our leaders no one seems to have learned a lesson from the world history. Greed for the power seem to overcome all the human emotions. The senses have just dried up and hopes of getting the best possible profit out of the tragic incident are still young.

As we approach close to one of the major catastrophe in the history of the city, the atmosphere in the city is heating up again. Strike call has already been issued. The venerability of the is not more a hidden fact but with stacks already so high and having seen a glimpse of what we might end up on 12th May again this year, one wonders what could be the best possible way out?

Having seen the bloodshed and the naked dance of the death on the streets of the city last week, I asked my self a question

“Can the City and the Country Bear another 12-May?”

Fear runs lightening quick in to my body. Having witnessed 12th May, 2007 I just don’t even wish to think of it again. Its not all about losing lives. Its about losing hope. For those who have died already, things are much easier I believe but for us, our hopes of survival and lively hood are fading. The country is really running in the worst time of its history. The nation with split mentality is really questioning their own selves now for having elected the representatives to secure their rights not just over through them for their own benefits. Why is the federation quite on the issue of Karachi? Is the federal cabinet really unaware of the situation here in Karachi? Aren’t they aware of the fire that’s being ignited? It is not all about ANP and MQM at all. People have to realize this. Its about them. Its about us. We are in danger. We are the ones suffering and we will remain on the losing side as long as we don’t decide to get up and get going. Wake Up Guys, Time is running out of our hands. We have to forget all our differences. It is now or never.

May God Bless Pakistan

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at All.)

Pakistan Zindaabad.

An Ordinary Pakistani Man!!!

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