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India welcomes Zardari’s remarks on Indo-Pak ties

NEW DELHI: India on Sunday welcomed President Asif Ali Zardari’s remarks that India is not a threat to Islamabad, saying it is a positive step towards the peace process between the two neighbors. “It is a positive step. It looks to be a positive step towards the peace process. Pakistan should now concentrate only on Taliban militants who are a threat to the world security,” an Indian External Affairs official told Chinese news agency on condition of anonymity.

For the first time, a top Pakistani leader like Zardari has said that India is not a threat to Pakistan and terrorists inside the country is the worst threat for Pakistan. “Well, I am already on record. I have never considered India a threat,” Zardari told an interview on the PBS news channel’s popular show “News hour With Jim Lehrer” in Washington DC Saturday.

“I have always considered India a neighbor, which we want to improve our relationship with. We have had some cold times and we have had some hard times with them. We have gone to war thrice, but democracies are always trying to improve relationships,” he said.-SANA

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