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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Dilaogues by Politicians

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In the recent process of vote that is going on in India every political group is trying to convince people in its own way. Congress is blaming BJP and Vice versa and the third front (NON BJP or NON Congress) is playing foul in this chaotic environment hoping to get the hold of New Delhi. Recently a Non-Congress party has given credit of ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ to Congress. It said

“Because of Congress there are so many Slums in India….and that has given the great idea to make this movie…Jay Ho….”

UPA chief Sonia Gandhi is criticized by the BJP by quoting her a “Nehruvian-Edwina Mountbatten Congress (I)TALIAN” alternative. BJP also criticizes in its journal (mockfully) “it is just Benedict Brother Rahul and the Holy Mother Sonia who rule the sanctum sanctorum of the Congress (I)TALIAN. ” BJP takes advantage by saying Bank interest rates declined for the first time in history of India during NDA rule. BJP says in its rule price for the commodities are maintained throughout and which has totally failed in the regime of UPA government. It also mentions that foreign exchange rose to an unprecedented height. Kargil war “vijay”, Conspiracy by Nehru to border PoK and Aksai Chin and surrendering everything to Mr. Bhutto by Indira Gandhi are some of the important arms for BJP against Congress. Some Hindutva Dal also gives credit to BJP by pulling down Babri Masjid from the face of Bharat Mata. BJP says “BJP is free from the ruling family syndrome”. APJ Abdul kalam was given respect to the highest position during BJP regime.Though, controversial i would like to place some BJP thoughts against congress as follows :

> According to some, It was a local Congress member of legislative council who instigated burning of train at Godhra station. So it was Congress which was responsible for beginning of riots in Gujrat. What happened afterward was only a reaction.

> It was Mr. Nehru’s gaffe to go to United nations for a resolution of Kashmir issue in 1947.

However, Sudheendra Kulkarni, a key BJP strategists and a close ally to L.K Advani; the Prime-Ministerial says to NDTV “We don’t believe in political untouchability. If the country’s interest demands that BJP and Congress have to work together, we will certainly work together with Congress”. He also says Congress is not an ‘untouchable’ for BJP. Noting that India needs a stable government he adds “We can have a lot of ‘Tu Tu, Mein Mein’ (criticizing each other here) but now that we have entered the last stage of the election process, what the people want is not ‘Tu Tu, Mein Mein’ but ‘Tu’ and ‘Mein’ (you and me). We all have to work together, the political parties have to work together to form a stable government.”

Slamming the Rivals dialogues, UPA chief Sonia Gandhi says Congress and only Congress can provide a stable government under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh. In her own language she says “The Congress party is the only party that can provide a stable government under the leadership of Manmohan Singh”. She added “The country needs the Congress..a strong government is the need of the hour and the Congress is the only party that can give a strong, secular government”, addressing their inputs against terrorism. She also attacked BJP regarding the Kandahar Issue. “It’s the BJP government which had released the terrorists as guests,” she adds.

Attacking the other third party fronts she added “Tarah tarah ke morche ban rahe hain desh me, par inka lakshya sirf PM ki kursi hai (there are many kind of political fronts being formed in the country, but their only aim is to become the prime minister),”

Pointing out, she says unlike the BJP, UPA is not creating any differences for the state of Himachal Pradesh, which run by BJP, and the state is getting all sorts of Aid from the central government.

Thrashing both BJP and Congress, Communist Party Of India (Marxist) leader Brinda Karat ruled out any possibility to join hands with the ruling Congress or Opponent BJP. She said “We have made it already clear that we are not going to do so (align with the Congress” . Prakash Karat said “There are a number of issues both with the BJP and the Congress. The issue of secularism is not safe in its (BJP’s) hands”.

According to Brinda karat, the Third front will bring up the next government. Senior Communist Leader like A.B Bardhan, Sitaram Yechury, Md. Saleem, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya (CM of West Bengal) are bringing up their policies to form a Third front, a Front without the flavour of BJP or Congress.

Whatever government comes up, India needs a secular policy, Equal rights for all and minority development aids, Power to fight with terrorism, Jobs for all, Food for all and strength to fight against the enemies. People are enough educated and intelligent to choose the right government.Till then let us watch the game!

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  1. This tu tu main main is a usual part of sub-continent politics even we witnessed in US elections too..
    in the end of day all politicians sit together for their vested interest..
    i foresee a coalition government of all these tu tu main main characters..

  2. A good Piece bro,

    I think we need a third front government!…An India free of religious hatrism and most secular….i know…”van main jo ae wahi ravan”…but still at least we can give a chance!

    A nice blog!…please keep us updated and keep writing!


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