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IDPs ask Govt to show Taliban’s dead bodies

LAHORE: Women displaced from Swat and other militancy hit area, whose relatives have also been killed by the hands of Taliban have demanded of the govt to show the bodies of Taliban, killed in military operation so that the world can see the end of these barbarians of our times. Due to intensified operation of security forces against militants in swat, millions of people have been started fleeing from swat and its adjacent areas to different parts of country.

Mrs. Shiraz a widow migrated Swati woman said, “Most of my of family members including my husband, father, brother in laws and two daughters have been killed in the cross firing of security forces and militants. I am extremely upset and out of my mind. I don’t know how will I spend rest of my life?”

Another migrated woman from swat, Mrs. Rabbani khan said, “My 6 family members were tortured and killed by Taliban, I had no other choice to be migrated to a safer place. We are facing numerous problems, but those people are fighting the case of swatis who have no awareness of ground reality”.

Eight swati young women not desiring not to be named said,

“we want to see the dead bodies of Taliban, who have changed our peaceful lives into horrible nightmare”.

According to a survey most of these migrated people are lacking the basic necessities of lives. It is considered as a failure on the part of govt to provide relief of sigh to these migrants. NNI

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