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Breast cancer cases double in Beijing in 10 years: official

BEIJING: The number of breast cancer cases among Beijing’s women has doubled over the past decade, according to the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau. Breast cancer had been the most common tumor among women in Beijing. It has now reached the figure of 515 out of every one million people, an increase of 107.9 percent over that in 1998, Deng Xiaohong, the bureau’s spokeswoman.

Most breast cancer patients are above 40 years old and the trend is turning younger, she said. It ranked now third in mortality rate among diseases while it was fifth ten years ago.

Ouyang Tao, director of the Center for Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer of the Beijing Tumor Hospital has said there were 2,100 breast cancer outpatients when the center was founded in 1998. The number rose to 36,600 in 2008. The center has handled 170,000 breast cancer cases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that breast cancer can be detected and cured at the early stage. A program of free screening of breast and cervical started to cover all Beijing districts in April this year.-APP

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