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Friday, June 25, 2021

Qazi condemns army operation in NWFP

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RAWALPINDI: Former Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed has said that the government presented Maulana Sufi Muhammad as a Hero and now is getting $500 billions from the US to start operation against its own citizens. Addressing a gathering of Juma prayers at Jamia Siddiquia Mosque here on Friday, he said that Taliban could not capture Islamabad in the presence of 1600 million people and the U.S staged a drama of Taliban for capturing Pakistan’s nuclear assets.

He termed army operation launched in Swat, Buner, Bajore and other area of NWFP a tremendous cruelty which displaced one million people and killed hundreds of innocent people. He said Lal Masjid operation launched by Musharraf government and now in NWFP operation disintegrated the nation and widespread violence in Balochistan, Karachi and tribal areas afflict the public.

Qazi pointed out that the violence, lawlessness, poverty and unemployment is at the peak and the government has failed to control it because they are busy in their luxury. He urged the nation to be united and stand up for real Islamic revolution. “Taliban were empowered by the Pakistani rulers and now killing them in place of US dollars.

On this occasion, The Hafaaz of Jamia Siddiquia including Hafiz Shafi Ullah, Hafaz Muhammad Saeed, former Member NA Punjab, Vice Ameer Mian Muhammad Aslam and others were present.

While Amir Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Syed Munawar Hassan has said that the people serving the US interests have pushed the country into a quagmire of problems. Talking to his party leaders and scholars from Islamabad and other districts here on Friday, he said the US and Europe had converged their eyes on the nuclear assets of Pakistan while the rulers were playing in their hands.

Syed Munawar Hassan said the US was using the world institutions by force to serve its interest. He said conspiracies and negative activities against the Muslim countries portray the US involvement in this regard.

He added that US, India and Israel activities and drone attacks in the frontier areas were adding more to the country’s problems. “Double standard and hypocrite manner in the name of alliance is causing hatred among people against the US”, he said. NNI

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