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Masses largely hail Govt’s decision to crush militants

ISLAMABAD: The people of twin cities have largely welcomed the government’s decision to launch a decisive military operation against militants in Malakand Division, particularly to get rid the people of Swat from the clutches of Taliban. A survey conducted by the News Agency on Friday to ascertain the views of the people in this connection, and came to know that after the failure of Sufi Muhammad to force the militants to lay down their arms, as the government’s announced to implement Nazam-e-Adl Regulations in its letter and sprit in the region.

Shahzad Ahmed a private employee said that the government of NWFP was trying its best to bring back the peace in that region and the provincial government even bearded national and international pressure, but in the larger interests of the people it accepted the demands of the militants. He said that the government was making all sincere efforts in right direction, but the insurgents started blackmailing the government and denied to lay down the arms.

Sofia Tabassam a journalist was of the view that the government should eliminate the elements who were challenging the writ of the state, adding she said that some quarters were busy in spreading controversies about the democratically elected government they most stop their activities.

Tahir Ali a shopkeeper said that the government must not compromise on the issue of eliminating terrorism form its root, but it must try to find the reasons, why people started welcoming the Taliban. He said there were many reasons behind the upsurge of Talibanization in the country among those, injustice is on the top. He said that the government should take solid steps to provide the masses with speedy and indiscriminative justice.

Ashfaq Ali a wagon driver commenting on the government’s decision said that government should brought all the perpetrators of terrorism to justice. He feared that some external elements were trying to sabotage the agreement between the government and the Tehrik-Nifaz-e- Shahria-Muhammadi and they used Sufi Muhammad as a tool to exploit the situation after seeing that the government had wisely acted.

Raja Ishtiaq an advocate of the High court aid that the government at last had taken a right decision and now it must clean the area of trouble makers. He said that he was unable to understand the moves of Sufi Muhammad and the Taliban actually what they were doing in the name of the Islam. He added that the Taliban were setting educational institutions on fire in the name of Islam, adding that he said that Islam is stressing all the people to impart themselves with knowledge regardless their gender.

Criticizing The Taliban of Swat Mss Sara a student of B.Sc at Margala College for women said that they were proving themselves enemies of education in contradiction of Islam’s teaching. She hailed the government’s decision to launch operation against the miscreants and said that the government should safeguard the females in the militancy hit areas.

Malik Zeshan Babar a B.Sc Honour student of Islamic International University was of the view that the government should continue this operation until vanishing of all the criminals. He maintained that the Pakistan’ constitution, Judiciary and all the other institutes were Islamic “being a student of Shahria I am totally against the statements of Sufi Muhammad about the constitution of Pakistan and the judiciary of the country” he remarked.

Most of the people have turned against the Taliban and Maulana Sufi Muhammad after the government showed its willingness to enforce Shahria Laws in the Malakand Division on the demands of the banned Tehrik-i-Nifaz-e-Shahria-Muhammadi. Some people were of the view that Shahria Laws must be enforced in allover the country instead of a particular part, but for the purpose peaceful means must be used. NNI

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