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Lawyer’s welcome new judicial policy, demand more judges

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi Bar Association has welcomed the new judicial policy and said that it was the need of the day; and demanded of the government to appoint more judges in the judiciary. The unnecessary delay of judicial policy and ‘no decision year after year’ disheartened the masses but the recommendations of the new judicial committee of chief justice of Pakistan are according to the demands of the people, lawyers said.

Lawyers ensured the cooperation of the Rawalpindi Bar Association with Bench against the unnecessary delay of judicial policies. They asked the Govt to appoint new judges as soon as possible, so that the burden of cases may reduce.

Lawyers Wali khan, Shamus and Anwar Ul Hasan demanded that the Govt must ensure to execute the recommendations of the chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. They also demanded of the Govt to announce some special packages for the judges so that they may work with full honesty. Lawyers further asked to computerize the whole judicial system according to the modern age, in return such system would provide solution to many problems of the masses. NNI

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