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TDAP seeks cooperation of diplomatic corps for export growth


KARACHI: The first ever meeting with the diplomatic corps based in Karachi was held today by the Chief Executive, TDAP, Syed Mohibullah Shah, at the premises of the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan.
The purpose of this meeting was to brief Karachi based diplomats about the Trade policies of Pakistan and the significant features of the New Export Strategy recently developed by TDAP.

The meeting highlighted that bi-lateral trade between Pakistan and other countries can be built upon comparative advantages of each other. TDAP also highlighted great potential for trade and investment oriented industries of Pakistan with great comparative advantage specially Agro-food, Textile and Clothing, Minerals and Human Services. The Chief Executive also invited private sector investment from the countries represented by the Counselor Corps in the meeting and technical co-operation through government interaction of these countries.

The CE highlighted that increasing bi-lateral trade and building upon comparative advantages will be a win-win situation for business people of their countries and Pakistani exports. He specially highlighted unique advantages of Pakistan to access Central Asian Republics through Karakoram Highway (KKH), through which not only Pakistani exporters but also business people from their countries can take advantage of the quickest access to these markets. This would open many avenues of mutual advantage for their businesses as well as the people of Pakistan.

The Counselor Corps of Karachi greatly appreciated the initiative of TDAP to hold such an interactive session and desired that such meetings be held more frequently to carry forward the objectives of increasing trade, and business co-operation between Pakistan and their countries . It was also decided to invite Bilateral Business Forums of Pakistan with other countries to such meetings to discuss the operational issues for increasing trade volume and exports of Pakistan. NNI



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