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PM calls armed forces to take decisive action against the militants


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani Thursday announced that his government has called in the armed forces to eliminate the militants. The Prime Minister in his televised address to the nation said that the army has been asked to take necessary and decisive action against the terrorists and militants.

“In order to restore honor and dignity of the country, the armed forces have been called in to eliminate militants and terrorists,” Mr Gilani said. “We will eliminate those who have tried to destroy the peace of the country,” he said. He asked the nation to stand behind the armed forces and the government to defeat those who have earned bad name for the country.

The Prime Minister said that the army has been called in for decisive action after due deliberations with all concerned. He said that the nefarious activities of terrorists and militants to destroy the image of the country have reached at the stage where the government constrained to believe that action is necessary against them.

He also announced one billion rupees for hundred of thousands displaced persons, who have fled violence-hit areas. He also launched appeal for international help to help the displaced people and to enhance the ability of Pakistan’s law enforcement institutions,

He said the government will not surrender but will force the militants to lay down arms. “We will not compromise. The nation must stand against those who imposed their will at gun point. They have held hostage the country”.

He said the government had launched reconciliation process in Swat and efforts were made to resolve the issue peacefully. “We adopted the path of dialogue with good intentions,” he said and added that Islamic justice system was introduced to maintain peace. “We had faced pressure. We were criticized for such policies but we took the decision for our national interests,” he said. NNI



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