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Pakistan is facing Crisis-We need Unity: PM

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani late Thursday while addressing the nation through state-run PTV and Radio said, Nation is facing two challenges. First is National Unity and second is Economic development.

He said we initiated negotiations for peace in Swat which is now a national worry. Keeping democratic traditions in our policy we consulted all parties and signed Swat Peace deal for larger national interest. He said we signed the deal in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Pakistan and enacted legislation in order to bring peace and restore education and health facilities in Swat. We were internationally criticized for singing Swat Peace deal. But when the Treaty was violated by militants who believe in terror.

We are sorry to say our goodwill gesture was taken as our weakness. Militants violated the Swat Peace treaty and instead militants further extended their activities. I want to draw attention of Pakistani people and world at large that militancy in Malakand Division has dislocated half a million people, state authority has been challenged, minorities have been persecuted and extremists in the name of Islam committed shameful acts. These militants have violated law and constitution which we cannot allow extremists to operate further.

Its a decisive moment that we have to take action. We have to take action in order to save Pakistan. We are spending one billion rupees for displaced people. Prime Minister asked people, rather all the segments of society to face the challenge with unity. He said militants and extremists are practicing un-Islamic acts to defame Islam and the Armed forces of Pakistan. He said Islam teaches peace. We will not compromise our sovereignty. He said we will no more tolerate extremists and terrorists. We have taken certain measures to face these challenges. Prime Minister appealed to the people to remain united and support the armed forces who have been charged to root out militancy. In other words the Prime Minister accepted certain measures suggested to him by Chief of Army Staff after the formation commanders meeting Thursday.

While Prime Minister of Pakistan has approved an amount of Rs. 508 million for rehabilitation, provision of shelter and 5000 ration packets for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of NWFP. Emergency Relief Cell (ERC) of Cabinet Division has released Rs. 500 million and cheque has been dispatched to Government of NwFP which has been received by the Provincial Government on Thursday.

Input from Agencies

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