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The unsung Heroes of the Nation

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3rd May, 2009. The Freedom of Press Day Observed All Over the World.

Freedom! One wonders what could be the exact base of calculating the freedom of press in Pakistan. Pakistani media has been claiming the interference of governing authorities preventing it from working independently always. Bearing in mind what media presents to us as evidences of victimization, we would really have to accept the claims.

The number of reported crimes committed against the working journalists in Pakistan during past few years has increased dramatically. A number of journalists have been victimized and harassed to prevent them from working independently or reporting the truth in its real soul. While working under huge pressure and tense conditions, a few of our brothers have lost their lives even. People like Moosa Khan Khel Shaheed and all the other martyrs of the journey of truth have really given a new life to this sacred profession of journalism. As a common man I feel a strong need to salute all those unsung heroes of the nation, who for the sake of truth; honesty and for the cause of bringing the hidden reality out, have lost their lives. Their unprecedented services towards the nation and honesty to their cause have given them a place in the history of the media industry in Pakistan leaving them immortal.

Their services to the nation though are not hidden but a nation like us; who already had a lot to suffer in the past few years and have literally got insane status, it seems obvious to stay quite and remain silent on anything even extremely unusual happening around us. We just seem to have forgotten everything. Our lives do not stop. We keep moving, no matter what happens around us. We have become so insensitive that even the biggest tragedies seem to pass through without a whisper in our ears. Our minds and hearts are frozen; we are numbed. Today is a day to reunite and promise again to our own selves that the candle that our martyred brothers have lit will spread light forever and we will fight for it to remain lit forever.

I strongly believe a forum to appreciate and tribute the unsung heroes of Pakistan is the need of the hour. The youth of today is aware of the situation and they do recognize the services of such people but they have not been given proper space and place to speak their minds up. It is only because of all those people that we know; the little we know about out history. I want the readers of the Pakistan Times to join hands with me and appreciate the unsung heroes, the silent unknown soldiers of the journey or our nation through times. The topic may seem unusual and irrelevant on a day like today but as they say the time is always right to do a right thing, and I am confident of what I am doing.

I feel a real need of an open forum, where the people of Pakistan come and express there appreciation and tribute the working journalists of Pakistan, who under extreme pressures have managed not only to bring the facts in notice of public but some times the ruler of the time too.

How do we, as a nation see the role of the media in our society and how influential it has been to our lives is my question to all of you?

A detailed point of view is what I am expecting. Are we really aware of the fact that how hard things are for the media and persons associated with the press fraternity of Pakistan? Please come ahead, speak your heart out and appreciate the services of those unsung heroes of the nation.

A Red Salute to The Press Community of Pakistan

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at All.)

God Bless Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindaabad.

An Ordinary Pakistani Man!!!

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  1. Besides this; there are several issues associated with journalism; not only unsung heroes and their sacrifices call for the salute but also it is equally important for the journalists who are in mainstream media to be socially responsible so they could also be remembered as immoral,

  2. Though i am not a Pakistani…but as i have told you ..i will be support you!…yes a RED salute to Press Community of the world!

  3. Thanks Ambraish. The Salute is not really to a particular group of people its for all those unsung heroes who are hidden in the pages of past. The press community is not limited to Pakistan only and the victimization is not limited to Pakistani Journalists only, The phenomenon is widely practiced and exercised all across the world. So this Red Salute is for all those unsung heroes.
    Jeena I can name a Thousand names and you wouldn’t even know them, that is just how harsh have we been to our heroes. As far as the media is concerned on the whole, I have already written an article on it. Here is the link for your reference, I hope this make things a bit cooler out here.

    Peace – No Harm – No Hard Words – No Harsh Feelings For No one At All.


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