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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Taliban admit throat slitting

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DG ISPE Maj Gen. Athar Abbas while talking to Private TV Channel said that Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan has admitted the slitting of two of security forces men. While the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan spokesperson Muslim Khan during conversation with TV Channel said that the those whose throats were slit; they deserved it.

Unfortunately enough propaganda videos being circulated by Taliban showing beheading of our soldiers by these barbarians. It is against the journalistic ethics to release such videos and tapes; however to reveal truth is very important. Maj. Gen Athar Abbas disclosed that militants unlawfully tried to occupy Buner and challenged the writ of state; therefore Pakistan security Forces took a military action against these militants. To stop this insurgency several top leaders of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan were killed, and militants slitted soldiers in retaliation. Maj. gen Athar Abbas told that Army was waiting for the government to decide what line of action was needed to take.

Government has adopted a policy of maximum reconciliation and for this very purpose Government made an accord for development of peace in Malakand region named under the Nizam-e-Adle Regulation. This deal was brokered by Sufi Muhammad. However this peace deal was ended soon after Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi (TNSM) rejected Dar-ul -Qaza and appointment of Qazis in Malakand by Provincial Government. Despite establishment of Dar-ul-Qaza under Nizam-e-Adl regulation in accordance with the demand of TNSM, the situation remained tense in Swat. Even Sufi Muhammad said that his faction believes in Shariah rather than the democracy. He completely refused to work under elected democratic government.

Situation in Swat is worsened and Curfew has been imposed; indigenous people are migrating from there; after three days electricity was provided in the area. Mengora was surrounded by Taliban. Intermediate exams are being taken under the shadow of hand grenades and guns. Civilians are being killed along with security officers.

What are we heading towards and where would this militancy lead Pakistan to? We need to realize the depth of the issue. What these Taliban are? Everyone wonders why government is silent and not speaking anything against them. It is commendable that government waited and negotiated to resolve issue but at the same time candid policy from government was missing and is still missing. However whenever writ of the state is being challenged; government apparatus along with available resources including Military should be implied to kill insurgency.

Segments of people in Pakistan believe Military alone can not take action; therefore it is important for the Government to take the charge in this regard and evolve a unanimous National policy to kill this militancy.

Pakistan Zindabad

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. i guess government ‘s commitment in resolving issue is equally questionable.

    By the way which Islam allows this kind of killing and slitting..

  2. i guess This Sufi and Army are working altogether.. see flogging video was only fake drama or atleast whole nation was brainwashed it was drama.. similarly endorsement from DG ISPR is dubious..

    I agree with Shazia that Islam is religion of peace and does not allow slaughtering people..

  3. These people are the worst… Our Prophet PBUH .. never used any weapon to spread islam like these people are doing.. they are jusy working for their benefits and using islam as their shield .. they are not muslims at all.

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