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Swat Deal thrown into Dust Bin


ISLAMABAD: Frustrated Mian Iftkhar provincial minister for Information of Frontier Province told a press conference in Peshawar Thursday.

We are now convinced that the agenda of Sufi Muhammad of the Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariah Muhammdi was not peace but its hidden objective was to provide respite to militants”,

It was same Mian Iftkhar who was pressing hard to the Federal Government for immediate imposition of Nizam-e-Adl only few days back. In Mingora Sufi Muhammad told several private TV channels, while not facing camera, “We do not accept the Constitution of Pakistan. It is un-Islamic. Girls education is not acceptable and we believe in what he termed complete Shariat based Islamic system.Though he himself could not define what exact interpretation was his style of Islamic system.

As the two leader spoke their minds militants in Swat once again went in action bombing police stations, schools and destroying state symbols. This time Pakistan Army’s RPV (Remote Piloted Vehicles) scrammed over hilly Malakand Division and fighting started in and around Swat. Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps had already made up their minds to call bluff of Sufi Muhammad. Two fronts Swat and Buner witnessed real action Monday.

Director General of Frontier Corps Major General Tariq in his helicopter made a survey of battle zones. Mercenaries from Afghanistan and Central Asian Republics who are considered to be battle hardened for years in Afghanistan are now in Pakistan and brazenly and restlessly taking on Army and Frontier Corps. For them Police is a ‘Soft Target”.

For Pakistan’s political pundits it was indeed an important development when a liberal and centre of the left Party Awami National Party pressed hard for the promulgation of Nizam-e-Adl system for Swat.

After President Zardari singed the Swat Peace Deal Ordinance, Pakistan’s eminent diplomat Zafar Hilaly just commented, “Military surrender in 1971 and political surrender in Swat.Today when Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that not a single penny has been given by the center in war against militants. He was hiding his Party’s political defeat by militants with this kind of arguments. Mian Iftikhar said:

the provincial government remains committed to promulgating the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR-2009) Iftikhar said in Malakand division, however strict action will be taken if the government’s writ is challenged any violation of the agreement by militants will no longer be tolerated..

NWFP Information Minister asked the Taliban to lay down arms and stand by the government in its peace initiatives. In return he received deadly threats from Sufi Muhammad.

In Swat banned militant outfit Tehrik-e-Taliban Swat claimed the responsibility for the killing of two security men in Swat valley. According to sources, Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan has claimed the responsibility Monday. It may be reminded here that two security personnel were murdered in Khwazakhela area on Sunday. Khan further said that Taliban Commander Khalil is alive. Swat Media Centre had earlier claimed he was killed by security forces. While claims and counter claims are being made from Security forces and militants worst sufferers of this politics of militancy remained common people of Malakand Division.

According to Crisis Management Cell of PM Secretariat over 200,000 people have been dislocated so far from Swat and Dir. The military operation in the two districts is continuing while at least 2000 innocent civilians are being used by the militants as human shields in Buner’s Pir Baba area, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement on Monday.The military planned to clear the Pir Baba area from Taliban militants after they had also taken over a police station there.

The latest casualty figures released by the military say at least seven militants were killed in Buner’s Kalpani area, including a militant commander Afsar Hameed. A soldier also died during the fighting while three others were injured in Buner. The operation in Buner is continuing smoothly as consolidation of positions continues in district headquarters of Daggar and surrounding areas, ISPR said.

On the security situation in Swat, the military said Taliban militants were grossly violating the peace accord and were patrolling the roads of Mingora, threatening the civilian administration and the lives of innocent people. Militants also brutally beheaded two soldiers in their captivity on Sunday in Khwazakhela, the military said, adding that security forces were still exercising restraint to honour the peace deal in Swat.
However, despite the military’s restraint, militants attacked a security forces convoy in Swat’s Bari Kot area, ISPR said. The ambush led to an exchange of fire in which an army officer was killed and two soldiers wounded, the statement said.

In Lower Dir, the militants burnt the house of a District Superintendent of Police (DSP) in Maidan’s Kumber area and looted the house of a Union Council Nazim. During an exchange of fire in Lower Dir’s Maidan area, three militants were killed, the ISPR said. Militants also raided a security forces check post at Shangla Top, killing one soldier, the statement said. Militants also kidnapped civilians from Kot Haya Sarai and demolished a police post in Shangla, the statement said.

In this situation Swat peace deal is going to dogs. Only apprehensions are the repercussions in coming few days.



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