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Reshaping Worriership – Taliban Poisoning Future

These are self defining pictures taken before Curfew imposed in Swat first week of April; where these kids are given fake Rocket launchers and missiles just to make them accustomed with these hi-tech ammunition. These kids have been camouflaged in Taliban get-up. These pictures indicate that Taliban training these innocent kids who have been roaming in the streets of Swat and asking Army to leave the place and chanting slogans “Taliban ZindaBad”. What Future we are aspiring when our kids are being groomed this way; Talibans are redefining and reshaping the worrier-ship on their own terms. Unfortunately they have not spared these kids. They are maligning these innocent minds for their purposes and parents are coerced to throw their kids in fire. Books in hands develop an educated nation; guns in hands bring destruction. Militants are already destroying Schools in Swat regardless of girls and boys.

In wake of Taliban’s extension in Northern Areas of Pakistan including Swat; where turbulence has increased so much that Military had to launch an operation against Taliban. Despite the fact Government tried to negotiate with Tehrik-e-Nifaz Shariat Muhammadi and deal was brokered by Sufi Muhammad for peace in the region. However this peace deal was ended soon after Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi (TNSM) rejected Dar-ul -Qaza and appointment of Qazis in Malakand by Provincial Government. Despite establishment of Dar-ul-Qaza under Nizam-e-Adl regulation in accordance with the demand of TNSM, the situation remained tense in Swat.






Pictures received from Swat

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • World English Bible
    For they sow the wind, and they will reap the whirlwind. He has no standing grain. The stalk will yield no head. If it does yield, strangers will swallow it up.

  • Well, i agree with Rubab.. sitution is going tense day by day. There is no doubt that these kids will make enormous problem for us after few years by suicidal attacks. I don’t know what will happen with Pakistan in near future. Because it is those talibans who actually destroyed the Russia in past. I am afraid that whether these militants are destroying Pakistan in this way.

  • hi , it is too sad we all pakistani r talking about inocent killing in fata and sawat .no is talking about ammunition talban have, can any one of media expert can tell us how talban getting such a sufisticated weapon i never saw single talban having simple stick, in that areas even simple roti is not avalible still bullets worth 25rs can be seen in thousand with every talban ,plz plz plz media highylight this factor,who r the people providing them weapon ammunition.

  • This is a sad situation… and it is not being helped by the paranoid mass media… however, here in the US, there does seem to be some indication that the Obama Administration is beginning to understand the complexity of the situation, and more importantly, its own role in creating the mess.


  • Logo hosh k nakhun lo; waqt nikal raha hai hath se.. nai nasalian to tabah na kero kam se kam..

    mujhay to samjh nahee ati k baat kerni hai ya lerna hai in forces k khilaf..

    kaheen hum sab is aag main jhonkay gaey or phir sab khatm ho jaey ga..

  • Hello,I think talibans ahve no right to oust any nation accoding to their own self craeted barbariac syestem.Pakistan has its own constitution and two orthere systems should ne accepted.
    I here appreciate daring work of Mohtarma Rubab saleem in general way but also the way she took up the matter in her artical.
    Nabil Otsman
    PAIM Pakistan Germany France
    Pakistan awwami Inqilab movement

  • Asalamualykum Every One here those who read and droped thier comments and Miss Rubab..

    Its all really sad the mess being created in Sawat and In our Tribal Area`s. These pictures are alarming too… But we are much unfortunate …. in all aspects…and a special case is why we always see the half truth… Why we don`t try to get on other side to discover the real picture… i can`t really make up my mind what to write here and what not….

    SomeOne above said … great story… OO bhai.. its not a story.. please..

    @ ANjum … ur question carries the answer…. a few years back their was no such weaopns in this huge quantity… NOw US is in Afghanistan.. India is thier,, so is CIA, RAW & Mosaad…. so they bring these weapons..

    and please do diff b/w talibans.. they have been in those areas for more then 25 years… after Soviat Union`s defeat… why this mess has not been before… Why Now… so
    they are not the talibans who were fighting in Afghanistan..(i belive)

    and i am against these SAWAT talibans .. but im more angry at Our Govt and Administrations… What is they are destroying school there… koz these schools are not giving us any Miss. Fatima Jinnah, yes but our dirty system is producing Mod girls…and by the way same is in case of Males….

    Yes .. Miss Rubab U are Right “Books in hands develop an educated nation;” .. Do i need such educated nation who keeps silence when our own army was killing innocent girls in Jamiah Hafsa.. when our Establishment and Army were attacking Lal Masjid… Do i need such Educated nation who did nothing when Denish newspaper published those cartoons…. do i need such educated nation who can`t utter a single word when our Hero our “Mohsin” DR A Q khan sb is in custody… in house arrest….
    OO please remember … we are from Ummah whose Khalif was Omar Bin Hattab (R.A), whose Army was commanded by Brave General like Khalid Bin Waleed(R.A). We are son of those who loved death more then their life..
    where are we now.. 🙁
    Our Beloved Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said which means as “Whoever sees a munkar [that which is clearly and unequivocally haraam] must change it with his hand. If he is unable, then with his tongue. If he’s unable, then with his heart – and this is the weakest form of faith.”

    So… where are we…. clearly out of 1st degree on faith…
    all these thoughts makes me think the other way….
    Talibans are wrong in implementation, wrong in their way of conduct … but at least they have courage to fight to demand the right

    Do we need a Pakistan where there is no Islam … how would we justify it as “FORT OF ISLAM”. Whats good in it we are the Only Islamic nation with atomic power and Still Muslims are the most ill-treated Ummah in the world…..
    Let all of Us be killed…(both the sides, we and the one we call talibans) let people with good and Islamic values take our place…

    And No One can destroy Pakistan..I believe… and inshALLAH no one will ever succeed to do so..
    But please … start form your own self….. i must change myself after writing this and u must after reading….

    Uff…. yet alot more to say….. but have to do some work as well.. so…

    and most important … Keep parying … Efforts and Dua can do alot to bring a better and positive change.

    fe aman ALLAH

    Atta ur Rahman

    • Atta!
      May Allah bless you..
      yeah this nation cried over the deaths of every girl.. yeah this nation protsted when Dr. A Q khan was house arrested..

      dont forget to fight against odds among those odds is bravery.. not that we should die..

      remove the confusions and lets join hands to find what is solution other than dying..

      and it is we should tolerate and respect evry other human being above all sects, creeds and blah blah

      Stay light

    Wahiba Mariam

  • This Pictures are really alarming!Children with guns and missiles in their hands!…Stop them immediately.Not only Pakistan but whole world will be finished if this is the situation.Children with no mature brain can easily be campaigned and brain washed..Ajmal Kasab is an example.

    Quran Pak states that
    “Whosoever Kills a Human Being unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land it shall be as if he had killed all humankind and whoso saves the life of one it shall be as if he had saved the life of all humankind” (Quran 5:32)

  • Assalamu alaikum to all muslim brothers and sisters .

    It’s very astonishing to see the future of this great country ( Pakistan ) involved or u can say being involved in such a henious activities . They are being trained as the future mercenaries to fulfill their superiors demands and to kill no other than any muslim comes their way . It’s a shame for all of us , for the parents especially that we on our own letting our children die for nothing , just for nothing .

    In this tender age when everyone wants to enjoy the life to the fullest , wants to fulfill his/her dreams , wants to get the education being forcibly involved in these kind of activities about which they knew nothing , absolutely nothing to whom they are fighting to and what will be the consequences after their action . They are being trained , they are being supplied with guns and ammunition instead of books to kill the muslims . In this age they should be in the school , in college , in the university preparing themselves for the better . We should take care of our siblings but we letting them play in the hands of the enemy . We are destroying our future with our own hands . Our kids are being brain-washed and we are doing nothing for them except fighting with eachother .

    There is a misconception among the masses about the talibans ( talibans of the present situation ) . What the word TALIB means , it means the seeker , the education seeker not the warrior which the west thinking of them . The education seeker does not kill people , they only prepare themselves to be a good human being . Every human who raises arms for protection of his/her family is not the warrior . If raising arms means ‘the killer’ then the whole infidel world is the killer which is killing innocent muslims all around the globe and their cheif of staff is the jewish lobby .

    The one reason which i see is the illiteracy among the masses which is going higher and higher day by day at the alarming rate for which we are responsible . Awareness should be created among the masses that what is going on around us and what should be the remedy . We cannot just sit and close our eyes . Dear countrymen we must do something , this is our own problem not anyone else’s , no one will come from outside to help us , we have to deal with the situation on our own . The media has a very powerful role to play in all this situation but i think they are making worse of it . By showing bad images of Pakistan gives the outer world a chance to point a finger on us . They should refrain themselves for showing such images instead of helping the nation .

    The religion which we are following ‘ISLAM’ is the best gift from ALMIGHTY ALLAH to the humans . This religion has not been spread by force or by the sword , it’s been spread by the good manners ( ikhlaq ) which our Holy Prophet has taught us . The enemy should keep this thing in mind and they should not force their point of view by force because a muslim cannot kill the other muslim . This should be the eye opener for all of us that who is killing who , are the muslims doing all this or is there any hidden hand behind all this . I very much doubt there is an hidden party who is playing with our minds and souls and we letting them to do so .

    Dear brothers and sisters i have said this again and again and will keep on doing so that the only remedy for all of our problems and i mean all problems is to follow the religion which ALLAH has given us through our Holy Prophet with total purity ( IKHLAS ) . We must mend our differences as quickly as possible and we must stand fast in this whole situation as one brave united Pakistan . We should not let the enemy take us down so easily because we are not going down , it’s them who are very much near to be terminated from the face of the earth .

    May ALLAH keep all muslims happy and safe and keep them away from all kinds of grievances in this world and the world after .

  • awww, the government is corrupt if they focused properly on villages and encouraged villagers to send their childrens to schools ,non of them would ever think about becoming a Indian Taliban or Israeli Taliban.People of Pakistan should awake for a better Pakistan, politicians made Pakistan a good income business.