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TNSM rejects establishment of Dar-ul-Qaza

SWAT: Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat Muhammadi (TNSM) has rejected establishing Dar-ul -Qaza and appointment of Qazis in Malakand by Provincial Government. Despite establishment of Dar-ul-Qaza under Nizam-e-Adl regulation, the situation remained tense in Swat on Sunday. Spokesman Maulana Sufi Mohammad Chief TNSM, Amir Izzat Khan while talking to media men said the Government did not consult TNSM over establishment of Dar-ul-Qaza and appointment of Qazis, which was violation of peace pact.

Dar-ul-Qaza has been established without accepting our demands, he said, adding that, Provincial Government on May 01 had assured us Dar-ul-Qaza would be established and Qazi would be appointed with consultation and after halting military operation in Dir and Buner. Establishment of Dar-ul-Qaza without consultation was biased therefore we would not support it, he said.

Meanwhile, Spokesman of Awami National Party Zahid Khan has said that Sufi Mohammed had earlier said that the provincial government would have power to appoint Qazis and now we have taken steps for it. He said there is no justification of taking up arms now if someone uses arms the government would have no option but to initiate action against them. Replying a question Zahid Khan said they (TNSM) were consulted on the matter. He said Sufi Mohammed was working for peace in the region but some people are not sincere with the peace in the region.

On the other hand, unidentified militants attacked the grid station in Mingora city of Swat Valley suspending the electricity supply to many areas. According to sources, after the attack on Mingora gird station, the militants and security forces exchanged fire, which substantially damaged the main transformer. As a result, most of the areas were left short of electricity supply.

In another incident in Swat, two dead bodies were found in Alam Ganj area of Swat as militant activities continued in the violence hit valley despite much touted peace deal. Taliban have blown a girls school building in Nangolyi area with explosive material. Taliban have also attacked Rahimabad police station but fled from the area after counter attack by the police.-ONLINE

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