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Is justice being served within PTI on lower levels?

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justice-1 Last week, I went to Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) 13th Youm-e-Tasees in Gujranwala. We always have been hearing former cricketer Imran Khan, and founder of PTI promoting and talking importance of Justice wherever and whenever he gets a chance to. Whole youth believes that he is promoting justice in wonderful manner, we appreciate as Pakistani youth. But i feel alone Imran Khan cannot change the destiny of this country, because collective efforts are missing, thus his efforts are like peanuts for empty stomach elephant.

Coming back to subject; I went to PTI’s Youm-e-Tasees with my friend. I reached there when most of main speakers had spoken; and for sure spoken a lot on Justice, Social and Economical uplift, and political issues exactly like other politicians do. I felt few of them uttered and recieved very well, without any strong commitment, their workers gave them big hands almost on every sentimental sentence uttered by their sacred Leaders. It is ironical to state that anyone can exploit theses innocent masses just by developing catchy dialogues.

After, few minutes, they brought fresh cakes for VIPs (Officials of PTI and Guests)sitting on the stage. I noticed people started distributed Briyani (Dish made with Rice and chicken) to the audience who came to attend this event; most appropriately those innocent masses who are kept ignorant. I felt all the audience (all workers) was present there just for eating instead of getting constructive gains.

Honestly speaking: I was disappointed; I didn’t find any difference between PTI and any other Political party functioning in the country. I sensed that potential candidates, workers and those people who do not get response and entertained by the major political party of country, try to get engaged with PTI for this fun. Common people took food very delightfully. But nobody even noticed bad example of Social Injustice residing on the grass route level of this party. I hope and wish this position would not be prevalent in Lahore, Islamabad and other metropolis (exclude Karachi-he hardly have influence there). But in small cities like Gujranwala; situation would be same. Obviously, it’s because of lack of awareness and education. For this, PTI has to replace its candidates, and try to make this system more candid and unique from those who are holding the reigns of the government and previously did; because Imran Khan’s strength lies in being different and for speaking different so system for his party should be beyond doubts and his attitude should also translate in the lower levels too not because it is Imran Khan’s party but because Imran Khan holds the flag of truth. For this, I think readers should take a look on my first article on PAKISTAN TIMES, which has title “IF PTI EVOLVES SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP”.

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Salman A. Sheikhhttp://www.pak-times.com
Salman A. Sheikh is Freelance Writer. He is currently pursuing his studies in Business. He is interested in writing about Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Biographies, and Suggestions.
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  1. Asalamualykum Salman..

    wht can i comment about.. thats da mess and biggest tragedy with out nation… Un-Civilized people…. and Imran is doing the best he can… rest iz our job now…. lets see how far we go with him….

    at the other side… dont get disappointed…. keep an “Umeed-e-Sahar” and continue efforts to change … starting from your ownself to , family and frnds and so on…

    may ALLAH bless us all and guide us to right (ameen)


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