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US denies putting timeframe to deal with Taliban

WASHINGTON: The Obama Administration has acknowledged Islamabad’s determination to fight militants in its northwestern areas and denied reports claiming that Washington had given a two-week timeframe to Pakistan to take a decisive the Taliban militants. State Department spokesman Robert Wood said while stressing the need for a continued anti-terror efforts.

“I’m not aware of any two-week timeline. This is not something you can put into a timeline in terms of taking action. As I said, it has to be consistent, decisive. And we just need to understand that this is not something we’re going to be able to deal with in two days, two weeks, two months. This is going to take time, And Pakistan seems willing to go in that direction, and we’ll continue to try to help them, as they move in that direction,”

“We have said very clearly that we believe the Pakistanis need to take action against these extremist elements. And clearly, the Pakistanis are, you know, trying to do that. We’re going to be working with them, providing assistance where we can, as well as other countries around the world who believe that it’s critical to international security that we deal with the Taliban, and those extremists that are operating not only in Pakistan, but in Afghanistan as well. So obviously, Pakistan is doing this out of its own in its own national security interests,” Wood said in response to a question at the daily briefing. He added

“And this has been, I think, a positive last couple of days in terms of Pakistan taking action against these militants. And so, but we’re under no illusions. It’s going to take more than two days worth of actions. It’s going to take consistent, determined, and forceful action. And Pakistan seems committed to that, and we’re willing to be as helpful as we can in terms of dealing with the militants.”


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