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Ground breaking ceremony for Pakistan Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010

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BEIJING: An impressive groundbreaking ceremony to mark the construction of Pakistan Pavilion was held at the site of Pakistan section of Shanghai World Expo 2010, said a statement here Saturday. Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Masood Khan who is also Commissioner General of the Pakistan Section of Expo 2010 especially participated at the launching ceremony held on April 28.

The design of the Pakistan Pavilion, an exact replica of a famous ancient fort in the heart of Lahore city was also unveiled to the public for the first time. The majestic fort dates back as the year 1025 A.D and it was also listed as a UNESCO’s world heritage site. The Pakistan Pavilion is to be built on an area of 2000 square meters, located right opposite the China Pavilion which reflects the close relations between the two countries.

The ground breaking ceremony was largely attended included the Deputy Commissioner General of Pakistan Section Abdul Wahid, Acting Consul General of Pakistan in Shanghai Mahmood Akhtar, Director Pakistan Section Asad Wahid along with distinguished guests and officials from Pakistan and Chinese governments as well as a large segment of the Pakistani citizens living in Shanghai. Ms. Lee Fee Liang, President of Far East Oriental Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd also attended the event.

On the occasion Ambassador Khan said,

“Pakistan will showcase its strengths and learn from China and other countries about how to manage cities, how to build industry and how to create harmonious and cohesive citizenry. We are grateful to the management of the Shanghai Expo 2010 for giving us such a privileged and prestigious location next to the Chinese Pavilion”

Shanghai, Khan said is the most appropriate economic hub to host this exposition. The city’s economic prowess, the dynamism of its people, and the vision of its leadership makes it the most suitable venue to propagate the theme of ‘Better City, Better Life’.

Ambassador Khan said that his country has small and large cities. It has metropolises, cities, and townships. Every city has the challenge to create harmony within diversity and this is the theme that Pakistan’s Pavilion would display and demonstrate. Pakistan, Ambassador Khan said, has weathered the storm of the international financial crisis. We have not only averted economic crisis but our key sectors’ manufacturing and agriculture have shown immense resilience and strength.

“Our economy is bouncing back. Remittances to Pakistan this year have increased. Shanghai EXPO 2010 will, thus, give us an opportunity to share the narrative of our economic recovery with the rest of the world and to demonstrate our inherent cultural strengths”

Pakistan and China enjoy an all?weather and time?tested friendship, Khan said adding that President Asif Ali Zardari and Premier Wen Jiabao met in Sanya on 18 April, 2009. Mr. Khan also thanked Mr. Abdul Wahid, Deputy Commissioner General of Pakistan Pavilion his strong, sincere and dedicated efforts for reaching the crucial milestone of the ground breaking for construction of Pakistan pavilion so quickly and furthermore stated his confidence in the completion of the entire project on time with the highest quality.

Ambassador Khan also thanked Mr. Wu Yunfei, Deputy Director General of Expo 2010 for his continued strong support to the Pakistani effort. During the ground breaking ceremony, Asad Wahid? Director of the Pakistan Pavilion unveiled the theme of Pakistan Pavilion which he said follows the principle of the best city in the world being the one that offers the perfect blend of harmony in diversity. He also stated that the theme of Pakistan Pavilion was also very much in line with the core teaching of ancient Chinese philosophy that advocates harmony between people.

While commenting on choice of the Lahore fort as Pakistan’s contribution to Expo 2010, Mr. Asad Wahid said

“the Lahore fort was symbolic of harmonious and positive contribution to diverse people such as the ancient Greeks, Persians, British and Muslims who all left their unique positive impressions during various aspects of construction of the Lahore fort over a period of 2000 years”. The Lahore fort was also a symbolic representation of the strength, ever?green, time tested and harmonious relations between the people of Pakistan and China which go back thousands of years from the time of the silk route where traders between the two areas frequently interacted with each other in a friendly and cordial manner.”

It was also unveiled that the Pakistan Pavilion would utilize detailed visuals and multimedia presentations about the life of rural and urban of a typical Pakistani citizen with special emphasis on the unique, harmonious, diverse and exotic culture and traditions practiced in Pakistan. A special section in the Pakistan pavilion will be dedicated to the ever?green brotherly relations and strong bonds between the people of Pakistan and China.

It was also informed that special cultural troupes would be flown from Pakistan to demonstrate unique and highly attractive traditional Pakistani dances in national costumes to the visitors of the Pakistan pavilion.

Distinctive handcrafted souvenir of Pakistan will also be available to the visitors to take home a physical pleasant memory of Pakistan with them. A typical Pakistani restaurant would also impart to the visitors the unique taste of Pakistani cuisine. The refreshments served at the ground breaking ceremony were a taste of what visitors to the Pakistan Pavilion in 2010 can expect and consisted of traditional Pakistani food items which included mouth watering BBQ with unique sauces along with “Chai’s which is a special milk tea typical of Pakistani cuisine.

At the ground breaking ceremony, white doves were also jointly released into the air by the officials of Pakistan and China to symbolize the ever strong relations between the people of the two countries and as a symbol of strength, peace and harmony between the two nations.

It is certain that the Pakistan Pavilion would bring a unique and highly attractive offering of culture, friendship and harmony to the visitors of Expo 2010 and all efforts shall be made from the Pakistani side working along their Chinese brothers to make it a complete success.-APP

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