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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Internally Displaced People figures should be verified: NDMA

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ISLAMABAD: National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) held a meeting of local and international Humanitarian agencies, PDMA NWFP and NGOs working in affected areas.

Opening discussion the Chair expressed concern over the exaggerated figures of displaced persons being flashed by various organizations and stressed upon the need for verification so that rational and authentic figure may be ensured and publicized. In meeting the need for avoiding unnecessary hype and alarm was also emphasized. The Chair assured the participants that the government is not only fully aware of the situation but also capable to meet any challenge in this regard.

The participants shared the latest situation of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in FATA, Buner and Swat, in the context of their statistics, needs and return strategy. The meeting also appreciated that situation in most of the areas was returning to normalization and overall situation was under the control of the government.

While deliberating upon the Internally Displaced People management issues, the participants realized that management of IDPs is primarily the responsibility of respective provincial authorities while NDMA was responsible to facilitate the management process, plugging of resources, arranging for the shortfalls and over all coordination with the donors and local authorities.

In the meeting the ways and means to improve the coordination among UN Humanitarian agencies, NDMA, Provincial and Local Authorities were discussed in detail for evolving a mechanism for working together in an integrated and synergetic fashion. It was agreed that professional/institutional and resource capacity of the PDMA would be strengthened to make it focal point for facing the present challenges of IDPs handling and all future disaster management related functions in the NWFP.-ONLINE

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