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Lets show World we are united

My best wishes to all ……

Peace is what everybody wants , a peaceful life , a peaceful atmosphere. When we look our country is going towards a peaceful solution of its current problems; suddenly something unusual happens to disappoint us. Sometimes target become Karachi sometimes other areas. We Pakistanis are a peaceful nation, why can’t we live like a one peaceful unit.

Lets take a responsibility my brave Pakistani brothers and sisters!!!

Show the world what we are and what we are to do. Why every time we talk as a Sindhi , as a Punjabi , as a Balochi and as a Pathan. Why don’t we start talking like a Pakistani because we are Pakistanis and we are a peaceful nation. Show the world that we are one and we are united .

It’s not our war which we are fighting , we are shedding our own blood, for which we ourselves are responsible somewhat. We cannot control our feelings, our emotions which we should— and Thus we are falling easily in the hands of our enemies. They are using us as a sitting ducks. This is all because we are not united. We should shun our differences as soon as possible for our own good.

There are many hidden hands which are not letting us to live like a peaceful nation and for this i blame no one but ourselves. We are so pathetic we just don’t want to mend our differences because we cannot see our brother living happily and peacefully. No one will come from outside to let us live happily and peacefully it’s we who should take some responsibility and start acting like a peaceful nation .

We should cut the roots of this menace who has taken full control of our minds and the only solution which i see my brothers and sisters is in the footsteps of our Holy Prophet(p.B.U.H) . Please please pay heed to it as quickly as possible otherwise the world is changing drastically and our coming generations will not forgive us for our wrongdoings and above all ALLAH will not forgive us . It’s an old saying that GOD help those who help themselves .

May ALLAH have mercy on all muslims and Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!

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Muhammad Irfan Malik

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