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Is there a secret link that adheres religion with communism?

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A famous criticism of communism states “Communism is itself a religion”. According to many people’s belief communism is total comprehensive system and provide a framework for complete devotion.It provides a complete revolution against capitalism. Formation of stateless, classless society with a fundamental of common ownership is the basic principle of communism.It provides a socioeconomic structure to point a good base for above achievements.Communism is often compared to earlier Christianity as various stated in verses of holy Bible.But as a whole it cant be a religion,its a movement.

Gaither Stewart Says in his note that : “Though Communism always proclaimed itself godless and anti-religious, its adherents have been compared to Jesuits as a result of the rigorous dogma of their faith, the iron discipline, their passionate loyalty and confidence in the future. Therefore the historical tendency, especially among ex-Communists, to label Communism a religion and the Manifesto a holy book.”

Great English Historian R.N. Carew Hunt in his Theory and Practice of Communism labeled Communism ?the largest mass movement since the rise of Christianity.? Historians has always tried to put a bogus tag on communism that it is a religion and stated a striking dogma about it.But,Communists believe communism can be seen in many religion,many of its ideas can be seen in Islam,Hinduism and Christanity, but as a whole it is not a religion.Communism is not even an ideal.Marx and Engels wrote that Communism was ?a movement which abolishes the present state of things.?

A scholastic approach and investigation says communism emerged from religious movement in Germany.It emerged as a way to replace modern Christianity with Humanism.Marx?s forerunners, the Young Hegelians of the early Nineteenth century, believed in the imminent fall of Christianity, to be replaced by a new humanist faith. Christianity that transformed the natural communal character of man into a union of each individual with a personal God was responsible for the individualism of modern society. Young Hegelian and other philosophers claimed that Communism rested on the religious conception of the essence of man.

Thus Communism can be based on the belief of humanity.If forced,communism can be considered as a religion based on human values.Its a movement for the people and of the people.If a movement can be tagged with some religion then that’s fine!Critics can question about the economic performance of communist principle against market based economies,their principles against religion is the only way that can protect this world from burning against terrorism.State Atheism is a very good phenomenon that must be imposed if we really want to save our “GOD created earth”.

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Ambarish Pandey is currently working for PricewaterhouseCoopers PVT. LTD. in India, Kolkata. He is a Senior Consultant in the Advisory Division of the firm. He holds Engineering degree from Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur, India's second oldest Engineering college. Besides Developing websites and other software jobs he loves to blog on Women, Minority Issues. His hobbies are Cooking, Collectibles and Archeology(Egyptology), Bengal's & Punjab's History... His book on cookery in Bengali under title "Hesel"(Kitchen) has been published in India.
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