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Friday, June 25, 2021

If someone follows fake Idealism

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I can hardly be creative writer but I am keen observer. So, I always observe whatsoever may come my way. Today, my writing is based on my personal observations.

When we have aim, we probably have an ideal; Personality, or Organization i our mind and we benchmark it. We try to follow our ideal person that how he/she planning, organizing, controlling, sustaining consistency, leading and implementing without knowing it is fine to achieve our goals. We think that today our ideal is dominant instead of successful, we do follow him/her without analyze our circumstances, which is based on our resources and responsibilities. Sometimes, we see someone’s red face and make our face red by slapping our face.

I personally think that we people have deficiency of analytical thinking. Analytical thinking can be improved by strong observation, exposure, and examples; failure of others. I firmly believe that if we strengthen our analytical thinking, we can be successful in any domain of life whether it is domestic affairs, business, exams, responsibilities, national affairs, job, etc. I know there are people who will not agree with me.

In this regard, I will try to explain the true story of my observation; this story is of my friend’s family. When I was just in first grade of my school age, my friend’s family had house in posh area of one of the big cities of Pakistan. His father was talented, so he left prestigious and lucrative  Govt. job, and move to Saudi Arabia to do some business over there. There is no doubt that he would have some business experience but no business ethics, which is based on savings. Because, saving money is a key in the development of business.

If someone has strong vision in life, he has to maintain discipline in life. Well, come to the point, he spent few years over there in food industry, and earned a lot, but system for foreigners especially for people of Indian Subcontinent is futile. There is dependent system (Kafeel system), if someone from middle class background wants to do business over there, he has to be dependent on Saudi Nationals, who actually are ignorant. These Saudi nationals have share in profit of any business that is running Pakistani. If businesses grow drastically, these Saudi nationals take over it. [i probably would call them exploiters] Eventually, these Pakistani foreigners do not have any choice to do something independently, because Saudi Government still do not accept them as their nationals even there are developing Gulf region for last 5 decades. Don’t you think so; it is unethically according to Islamic school of thought for such apex state for Muslims in the World.

Moreover, he earned lot money in business in food sector, but ultimately, Saudi national who has authority to take over the business did it well, because he has authority to do it. In this regard, he changed his Kafeel many times, but some time he got soft hearted one. I think it is done by some low exposure of Saudi Kafeel System and unluckiness. In this process, one of his close relative was inspired by him, and he was young fresh graduate with no International exposure and extreme low level of understanding of responsibilities and analytical skill. This young guy did not think about anything but was motivated enough to do something in life. This young man was only focusing on his uncle who was just 15 years older than him.

fake-idealism-1The young boy was not thinking about his family’s responsibilities but only following to his uncle, probably he can’t see anything else in the World but only his uncle. He thought he was his ideal, and earning money and fame, and he wanted him like that. His uncle sponsored him to come into Saudi Arabia, and joined him in his new business venture. They both worked hard and implemented a business idea in the same food industry with new Kafeel. Few years this business grew dramatically, they earned millions in this venture, but did not save a penny and live life with full of extravaganza, but eventually failed because of high expenses, inconsistency, miss management and bad relation with Kafeel.

The young boy returned to Pakistan, and tried almost every business field, and gradually failed in every new started business venture. Whatever he earned in past days, and from his father’s saving he wasted and depended on some relatives. He still possesses same traits of business from his teacher, to whom he called uncle.

Please stop, and take a look, and see he has same problems that his uncle faced. Ultimately, both are still failed in business life, because uncle has no business training and young boy has business training but it was bogus. But if young boy had strong analytical thinking and element of management, he would have not be fail in life even his teacher (uncle) was mismanaged.

Ultimately, I would like to conclude that we should improve our analytical thinking and adopt healthy habits. We should always observe even positive and negative, and also failure stories of people, in this way you will be able minimize your mistakes without investing time and money. Idealism is good thing, but with open eyes and strong observation.

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Salman A. Sheikhhttp://www.pak-times.com
Salman A. Sheikh is Freelance Writer. He is currently pursuing his studies in Business. He is interested in writing about Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Biographies, and Suggestions.
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  1. Idealism—- an important subject this boy was impressed by the money his uncle was earning.. but did not realise the importance of saving.. Further more writer has clearly indicated the issue and problems related to the Saudi Kafeel System

    we can learn from such stories..

  2. Nice, I fully Agree with you, and I also have same thinking. we should get motivations, and aims from our ideals but have to work on our own ways. Nice Artical

  3. you’re right”If someone has strong vision in life, he has to maintain discipline in life”. Good job,keep it up!.


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