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Bloodshed in the Streets of Karachi!!!

Desreted Roads of Karachi

In the past few days the smell of a fear surrounded the atmosphere here in Karachi. Anyone and everyone in the city sensed something big was on the cards. The fear was in the air. The killing silence was alarming. The targeted killings and statement after statement from different political leaders just set the tone for a fire to ignite and finally things erupted.


According to the different sources 35 people have lost their lives during the last night and another 75 people are said to be wounded. The numbers though may not be accurate and the reports may not be completely trustworthy. But the city for sure has seen another violent and extremely fearsome night. People in the most areas have spent the whole night awake.

The fear just was in the air. No one is sure of what is happening around and who is responsible for this. The areas badly affected include Korangi No. 3, Korangi No.4, Banaras, North Nazimabad, Gulshan e Iqbal, Agra Taj etc. People living in those areas are stuck inside their homes. The scenes of bullet wounds, burning vehicles, ambulances running one after other are common. A sense of insecurity and unsafe surroundings is felt and seen by every Karachiite. Two consecutive days of street violence saw a complete shutter down in the city without even a strike call from any political or religious group. Karachi today is on stand still. The roads are completely deserted. Offices all across the city saw a minimal attendance of the staff and the wheel of the life just didn’t seem to move today. Public transport is rarely seen on the roads, people who have come in the offices are finding it extremely hard to return back to their homes safely. The week so far has seen a lot of bloodshed and violence and things still don’t look pretty. The eyes of the people are on the governing bodies. They expected a lot more and a lot quicker response than the government actually did. Those who lost their loved ones are still in shock, and mourn but certainly things are moving on a wrong track. After the bloodshed last night, the killing silence today is just alarming. No wonder the reaction of the deaths that took place the other day, just open up the administrations claims of taking control of things.


Living in the city, I feel somewhat insecure. I can just sense the blood in the eyes of the people who lost their loved ones the other day. Though the government has issued orders of kill at sight for the violators and the flag march of the Rangers and other security agencies have already started in the city but the situation still looks critical. A small incident can just trigger something big here. This really is not a time to criticize anyone here. It is a time to stay calm and cool, patient and its time to really think, understand and react than just over reacting on the incidents. I really would like to request all of Karachiites from this forum to stay active and watchful and stay safe, stay home. Avoid unnecessary outings and please do not in any way get in connection with irrelevant people. This is not really a party fight at all. Every part of Karachi is stuck with this violent streak. This is a pre-planned scenario as it looks. Knowing the strategic importance of the Karachi, and knowing the present situation Pakistan is in, the anti Pakistan forces have tried another trick to destabilize and destroy Pakistan.

Karachi is the economical capital of Pakistan and knowing the importance of the Karachi and the venerability of the city because of the ethnic differences, the enemies of Pakistan are now diverting there focus towards Karachi. It’s time to look and think beyond ethnic differences. Its time to join hands and show the enemies of Pakistan That We May Have Differences and Issues Between Ourselves But When An Outsider Intervenes We Just Forget Everything Else and Unite Under One Slogan “Sab Se Pehley Pakistan (Pakistan comes First)”.

karachi-11It’s a critical time and the nation is already demoralized and dismantled. With Karachi under tension it will further damage the chances of the stability of the country and will further help their cause of destabilizing Pakistan. The hung parliament, a weak government, law and order situation, energy crisis, economical disaster, the rift between the major political parties, we already have so many problems inside Pakistan. So we just don’t need one more!!! Think Guys… it’s not about Me, You or Him anymore. It’s about US.

We as a nation, We as Pakistani Citizens. Come together. Stay United and Stay Safe.

May God Bless Pakistan

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at All.)

Pakistan Zindaabad.

An Ordinary Pakistani Man!!!

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