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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Pakistan Lost It!!!!

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Australia beat Pakistan by 27 Runs in the third ODI of the on going 5-matches cricket series being played between Pakistan and Australia in UAE. At once the match looked completely and comfortably in the hands of Pakistani cricket team after they restricted Australian’s to the modest total of 198. An outstanding opening start, thanks to the openers Salman Butt and Young Gun Ahmed Shahzad Pakistan looked in complete control after reaching 90/0, but then what happened was pretty much on cards. A middle order collapse saw Pakistan reaching 171 all out. Hopes died. Nation as usual didn’t get anything to cheer on. Salt on the wounds was the truth our captain acknowledged, “It is not the team that lost, Pakistan Lost.”

Yes Pakistan definitely has lost it all. Whether its sports or its real life, the nation seems to have lost it all. It all started back in 2003 when American army invaded the Afghanistan. Hundred of people have died ever since. The war just continues. After having ruled the Taliban out of their ruling capital, the American’s still find it hard to call it a day. Quitting Afghanistan just seem like a dream never came true. The allied armies still are fighting for the survival and success. And in the middle of it all, Pakistan is being hit by a series of critical and pre-planned attacks. First it started off with the allegations on ISI supporting Taliban in the Afghanistan. Than the allied armies went on to claim that the tribal leaders across the border here in Pakistan are not only supplying the man power but also helping the Taliban with arms and ammunition and funds, so they dragged the war inside the Pakistani tribal areas. Drone attacks, one after the other caused the local public to suffer and in reaction to it the anti American feelings and emotions reached their heights. Today after six years of war, the number of Pakistani casualties is far more than the number of allied forces casualties. A Pakistani soldier is attacking a Pakistani national as it is being propagandized. But is this really the truth? Are they Pakistani nationals? Every one of them! Definitely not. With such limited resources available to them, they just can’t be.

There are other hands behind the scene. The hidden players, whose eyes lit up when they saw the Taliban falling down so easily and surrendering the complete area to the allied forces so quickly. No wonder people back than even thought it’s far from over but this far; no body really expected. This war has really made us all sick now. The ever growing number of casualties, bomb blasts, threatening calls, armed men around the cities, local public’s normal routine life is disturbed. Things just don’t seem to be moving right. Hopes of a better future have dried up. Everyone is anticipating the worst and is some way or the other convinces that it will be the end of it all. Some believe another invasion by the Pakistani army is on the cards, while others have ideas of Islamabad falling to the Taliban and the nuclear assets of the nation going down to some semi trained Islamic extremists. But in both the ways the idea seems same, that everybody is convinced that the present government has failed to not only deliver but coup up with the present situation and thus today we are termed as a failed state.

Have they really?
I asked this question from myself. The answer was for sure anybody’s guess; But than, I asked myself another question, who is responsible for this all? Are they the culprits? Have they just dragged us to this point? Have they really contributed in any way at all, bringing this whole scenario to this peak?

Aren’t we being too harsh on them? They have indeed inherited all these problems from the past dictatorial rule, and by far they have tried there level best to get things going. Though they aren’t at the moment but we really have to be patient out here. It takes time to rebuild. It even takes a life time in building the trust too. Our President may not really be looked on to after his character was wall chalked in the judicial issue by the Muslim League (N), but He for sure is putting a lot of effort along with his team to get the nation going back on the track. I’m not a huge Pakistan People’s Party supporter or a die hard Bhutto Fan but at the moment the best thing I can think off is the policy of national consciences. It is time to re-join the split fractions of the nation. The present government really seems to be sticking to the policy of national unity but it really is not all about the government at all. We Pakistani people have divided ourselves into so many fractions that picking the piece up seem an uphill task really. Ignoring and disowning the territory and its problems is what we are guilty off. Our negligence and ignorance is causing damage to our own cause. We are losing it ourselves. The nation is in trauma. We just don’t feel no more. No regrets no sympathies and no feelings. Our life goes on, no matter if our neighbor is alive or dead. We just don’t care if he has had his meal or not. The reflection of our true selves today just showed out in our cricketing captain’s speech too. We have given up; as players, as a nation as humans, we just have given up. Why have we is still a question we all need to ask our own selves, but none of us seem bothered. Wake up guys. Change your attitudes before you are forced to do so.

Remember every new born child is signifying that the Creator has not given up on His subordinates on earth. If after all our dreadful deeds, He has not given up on us why have we given up and put our hands up. Have we lost our faith in our prayers too? Has He given up listening to the prayers?

Guys Think…. Think Guys Think Hard……

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at All.)

God Bless Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindaabad.

An Ordinary Pakistani Man!!!

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