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IPL-Nightmare for CRICKET

Watching television is at the best of times a hazardous movement. Last year, however, I thought being actually sick. The manifestation of worldwide cricket stars and our own idols being “sold” was a disgusting nightmare. It was both rude and insipid as millions of dollars were thrown around in the name of jazzing up cricket. Obviously, people like me will be sacked as conservative sticklers declining to come to requisites with the usual development of the sport in the age of globalization. We were told this was an evolution, it was what the public needs, and this was a way how club cricket perched to shatter the manacles of constricted nationalism. Hence, accommodate or shut up.

My annoyance is directed at the BCCI which visualized, organized and supervised over this prime-time rape of the game. The staffs, which run the BCCI, past and present, have much to answer for, but President Sharad Pawar and his followers are mainly guilty. They must enlighten how this fatal parody of the game is in the best welfare of cricket. The richest board in the world must make clear why it desires still more money—to do what? Undoubtedly, not to encourage the game across the country, Also, not to help and back up other sports very much impoverished for cash.

Lalit Modi ruined NZ cricket. Thanks to him one of the finest fast bowlers in the world (Shane Bond) can’t play international cricket. BCCI are scum of the earth. The BCCI put massive pressure on all boards to ban ICL contacted players. As the BCCI has all cash, and the ICC is basically run by them, the boards are too scared to go against them. The BCCI are bullies, and basically bullied NZ cricket to end Shane Bond’s international career. You need to open your eyes and realize that the BCCI is slowly destroying cricket. If it was up to Modi then they’d be nothing but 20/20 cricket. As I say, scum of the earth.
ICC is not more than a puppet in the hands of BCCI. IPL is legalized by BCCI and ICC because they are filling their pockets. I hope some day cricket would be given priority as a sport rather than a money making machine. It annoys me so much how cricket nations pander to the BCCI. Take the recent India/NZ series for an example. Anyone notice how flat the pitches were compared to last time? NZ cricket knew that they need to keep the BCCI on their side because they have the ££, they were terrified of upsetting the BCCI and not getting any more matches with India, so they made the pitches flat to suit the Indian side. I’m not taking anything away from the Indian side here; they played well and deserved to win.

The BCCI is a critical body unwavering to kill cricket. If anyone is planning a coup d’état in opposition to it, count me in. The current lot must be removed before they impose supplementary damage.

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