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Message of Iqbal is vital for peace: Director Iqbal Academy

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It was amazing to see the number of audience present on launching ceremony of exclusive media products by Iqbal Academy Pakistan in coordination with the Government of Pakistan, The Norwegian Foreign Ministry, British Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the National Bank of Pakistan. One of my friend was wondering on noticing huge presence of people from all walks of life if people “STILL LOVE IQBAL”. I replied Yes; Pakistanis still love Iqbal.

Public Relation Manager Mr. Haroon Akram Gill introduced me with Mr. Muhammad Suheyl Umar, Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan before starting this ceremony. First impression that i developed after seeing him was “Yes he could be right man to be the Director of this Academy” and his oration over Iqbal seconded my opinion and i was thanking to Allah that at least there is some organization that yet can be declared away from corruption.

I stayed there for several hours and watched the attitude  of people towards Illama Iqbal; the man he envisioned Pakistan as his DREAM. After six decades we along with Iqbal Academy Pakistan decided to keep him alive. It was matter of elation that Iqbal Academy Pakistan was able to diffuse the misconception that Pakistani Nation has forgotten its Heroes.

Many people do not like the ideologies of Illama Iqbal he coined in his poetry; i heard Director saying his poetry is interpretation of Quran. The way Iqbal Academy Pakistan presented the documentry was surprised me because in Pakistan i did not see any of the organization presenting their products this way. I noticed this kind of introductory presentataion in every department i visited iN USA.

While addressing the audience on occasion  Mr. Muhammad Suheyl Umar, Director Iqbal Academy Pakistan said that;

at this time of impatience amongst the peoples, the message of Iqbal is vital to spread inter cultural peace and harmony. This was stressed by the speakers on the occasion of launching ceremony of exclusive media products by Iqbal Academy Pakistan. The event was graced with the presence of personalities from different walks of life.

He said that Academy aimed at inspiring the youth in the life, times & works of Iqbal we have taken the initiative to use modern techniques. Established in February, 2007, Media & Communication Department, in a relatively short span of time, is effectively disseminating Iqbal’s universal message through modern modes of communication, he added.

The director Iqbal Academy Pakistan told that reaching out to all the segments and age groups of society, Iqbal Academy Pakistan have undertaken initiatives through enterprising programs. For serious audiences there are documentaries on issues confronting the world and humanity, as well as programs engaging scholars and academics highlighting Iqbal’s message and poetic idealism. Suheyl Umar added.

An exhibition of these products was also arranged on this occasion, a large number of people visited and appreciated. Especially
1. Iqbal: an approach to Pakistan and An Inspiring Legacy,
2. A wonderful encyclopedic resource in the form of an interactive multimedia DVD were praised.

Similarly, engaging children’s interest through a rich combination of animation and music, a multimedia CD provides education through entertainment. Apart from these ventures, there are products ranging from television dramas, quality publications and audio renditions of Iqbal’s poetry.

Huge presence of young school children, College girls, Old men and youth was a matter of satisfaction that Pakistanis still view Iqbal’s ideology for the solutions of their Problems even today’s world.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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