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State to decide its own option, if Sufi Muhammad fails to disarm militants: ISPR

ISLAMABAD: Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Athar Abbas has said that the state would decide its own option if TNSM head Maulana Sufi Muhammad fails to force militants to lay down their arms. Talking to CNN, he said it was huge success of the government that the masses are convinced that militants wanted to destabilise the entire state.

Regarding implementation of Swat accord, he said it was a transition period and transition is always very delicate and dicey.It needs a lot of prudence to handle as it can bounce back in case of mishandling. Commenting on situation in Buner, he said Taliban have been given stern warning to get out of Buner, otherwise security forces are moving in.The state was shown maximum restraint.

Responding to a question, regarding moving troops from Indian border, he said every state has a right to analyse its own threats.Pakistan is concerned about its eastern borders. India has Pakistan specific military capability.There is a history of conflicts in the region between India and Pakistan.

Forces are available to fight extremists but the issue is lack of technology and absence of sophisticated equipments as it can save lives of troops.In the presence of latest equipments, troops could prove more effective as compared to militants.

The troubled areas are rugged, does not allow quick mobility on the ground.Forces also require effective surveillance and night vision devices. It also requires effective helicopter force. Pakistani forces would prove more effective in the presence of aforementioned facilities,he concluded.

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