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Please Stand Up and use your strength for Pakistan


Pakistan is in very difficult situation now. Its integrity is on stake. Powerful Pakistan is not acceptable to some foreign enemies and they have found support from inside of Pakistan, either by conspiracy or on remuneration to some. This is the time when patriotic people of Pakistan must stand up and speak up on any national or international forums.

Patriotism of some Pakistan’s political lords is questionable but Pakistan’s general public, its elite class, its writers, its poets, majority of media & TV anchors and the Pakistan armed forces are for sure very patriotic and very powerful.

Pakistani armed forces patriotism is unquestionable and they have the capacity to handle the situation playing their role within Pakistan’s constitution. What is required is to show them our love and support.

Your participation is much needed and is very crucial. FOP and all of its chapters world-wide are ready to play their role at these crucial moments and will announce an action plan very soon. Do not underestimate your power, your impact may not be very visible but will be very effective.

Stays unite and pray for the best.-Friends Of Pakistan



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