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No do more; it is time to achieve more in war on terror: President

ISLAMABAD: Going beyond the repeated assertions of “do more” by the West and the United States in the war against terrorism, President Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday said it was time to get together and strengthen each other to be able to achieve more. “It is time to bring to their attention that let us get together and strengthen each other to able to achieve more…., Do more is not the answer. Achievement is the answer. Do more is just a statement”, the President said in an interview with PTV telecast on Sunday night.

President Zardari said during his forthcoming visit to the United States he will talk to the US leadership on this issue and ask them “let us get together and talk about achieving more”. The President said his dialogue with the US leadership will focus on the point that what was their progress in Afghanistan during the last eight years.

President Zardari said he will tell the US leadership that Pakistan has been with the US during the last eight years, supported them and still wanted to be with them. “What we have done, see your weaknesses as well as ours,” he added.

He said Pakistan has suffered a lot due to war on terror, which has its roots in the cold war era as well as the campaign launched against the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union in early 1980s. The President said all this situation created the heroine and Kalashnikov culture, which badly affected Pakistan socially and economically.

“We have law, institutions, courts, but we have also weaknesses. Our population was growing at 3.6%. And if we would not have had this war on terror, our exports would have been at $ 80 billion per annum”, he added.-APP

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