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Stay United-Pakistan needs commitments


The talk in the town these days is all about the in camera briefing to the senators about the current situation in Baluchistan and FATA. After the briefing most of the senators were quiet reserve with their thoughts but a few of them were bold enough to talk to the media and face their questions and speak their mind out on what they thought about the situation.

All the fingers though were pointing out to the present government’s attitude and performance but none of them seemed to have realized that after all it is the beauty of the democracy that they are speaking against the government and criticizing them on an issue that the PPP’s present government has inherited from the past Dictatorial Rule of Musharraf Regime. For eight years the parliament was being surpassed and the public representatives were not consulted on the most happening issues of the nation; but today the present government at least seem to believe in the supremacy and power of parliament and believe in the democratic values and customs and taking everyone in the parliament lodges in to the confidence before any initiative is taken is just a sign of their commitment to the word Democracy is the Best Revenge.

While talking to the news and media, senators looked like having a lot to say and criticise government’s policies but the alternate solution wasn’t given by anyone. Neither did they suggest anything nor did they completely rule out the possibilities of the concerns shown by Advisor to Prime Minister on Interior; Rehman Malik. At a really crunch time like today, when the talk in the town is all about Islamabad falling in the hands of Taliban Extremists, instead of coming together and working jointly, the public representatives are just following the one way lane of the road and that is opposition of the government.

Today is really not the time to point out and grab the collars of each other; instead it’s a time to come together over coming all the conflicts and differences between ourselves. After all our existence our identity and our worth lies in our proud that is Being Pakistani. Even I do not agree with the government on all the fronts in the public administration section but the one thing I admire about them is their commitment an their will at least to call for a national consciences and national government instead of nation splitting on the basis of parties.

The eyes of the world are on Pakistan again, the focus of the world politics is Pakistan again and the target of the foreign lobbies is again Pakistan. Please put back your differences, the nation has given you the mandate. Respect it, fulfill your commitments and don’t let the hopes of the people die as this may very well be the last time, unless you perform dramatically unlike yourselves.

God Bless Pakistan

Pakistan Zindaabad.

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at All.)

An Ordinary Pakistani Man


  1. Vishal!
    What i personally feel we Pakistanis are confused and i have noticed a clear divide within Pakistani.. we need a guiding force that could unite them.. i wonder sometime “why do we think” and some how i find and answer “Do we really” think

  2. Yaar Vishal!

    You are right Democracy is best revenge and everyone has got right to speak under PPP’s government..

    and Rubab
    we think that’s why we are being criticized; had we not been thinking we would never be victims..

    i agree with Vishal we need commitments..

  3. The voice within Pakistan is even Split. It’s not Vishal alone Who can bring in the change, it’s the power of WE. My plea to every Pakistani living in every part of the world is please unite hands, raise your voice and make them believe ke YEH HUM NAHIN HEIN. We are not the poteintial threat but indeed we are the potential targets of the world terrorism. Staying united and committed to the cause is the need of the hour really. ask everyone to come together and be a part of the candle I have lightened to make the Pakistan Glow again on the map of the world as the moon on the sky.


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