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Hillary and Sufi, Peas in a Pod


Just as the Pakistani Tehrik Nifaz Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) chief Maulana Sufi Muhammad’s rhetoric is becoming unbearable for anyone’s comfort, so is the drumbeat from none other than American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Both are equally belligerent with their rhetoric; both believe in their narrow interpretation of good and evil; and worst both believe in enforcing their vision at the barrel of gun.

Before the civilized gentry runs to Hillary’s defense they may want to remind themselves of Hillary’s wild side. Just last year, when Senator Obama and Senator Clinton trampling over each other to secure the Jewish vote, the presidential hopeful Clinton threatened, “In the next 10 years, during which [Iran] might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them.”. Obviously, Secretary Clinton is convinced in America’s responsibility to police the world.

Similarly, Mullah Sufi is convinced in setting the world straight, according to his perverted interpretation of Islam. To that effect, if it takes flogging minors, blowing girls’ schools or slitting throats of government officials; so be it. Because he believes, he is ordained by a higher authority to do exactly that.

Hillary and Sufi are as far apart as it gets. One is the self professed guarantor of the freedoms afforded under the democracy, while other is the self-appointed enforcer of the code of conduct foreordained by God. However, upon a closer look, Hillary and Sufi are as similar and as close to each other as peas in pod.Conspicuously, the similarities don’t end at their disposition to back their ideology with the deadly force. Both are doing their best to generate hysteria, Pakistan is about to fall into the clutches of the dreaded Taliban. Western media has gone into frenzy; sky is falling, sky is falling. Secretary Clinton opened the salvo, nuclear-armed Pakistan

“poses a mortal threat to the security and safety of our country and the world.”

Not to be left behind, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates rang the alarm bells as hard as he could. He did his best to jolt the slumbering Pakistani leadership into defensive positions,

“My hope is that there will be an increasing recognition on the part of the Pakistani government that the Taliban in Pakistan are in fact an existential threat to the democratic government of that country.”

He pleaded, “…it is important that they not only recognize it, but take the appropriate actions to deal with it.” But what good would be hysteria without the deeply worried numero uno, President Obama. The White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, told reporters, “The news over the past several days is very disturbing.”

Ladies and gentlemen, better say your prayers; because Taliban are on 60 miles from the Pakistani capital. The savages are about to run over it, any moment. Half million strong Pakistani military has no match to 400 to 500 heavily armed Taliban who have already captured the strategically important district of Buner. Once Taliban hoisted their flag on Islamabad, it will be the beginning of Armageddon. Islamabad is littered with nuclear tipped ICBMs. They will rain on every city on earth. We need to do something, right now, to stop these savages in their tracks, or life as we know will cease to exist!

Yet, there is eerie silence from all quarters that could do something to save the humanity. Either it’s a classic of deer caught in headlights, or there is something seriously amiss. Oddly, for the last few years, Mullah Sufi had been spewing venom through an illegal FM radio transmitter. Let alone, blowing it to smithereens, courtesy of a HARM missile strike, no one has even bothered to even jam its signal. For whatever reason(s) Pakistani military hasn’t taken the transmitter out, the question is why CIA hasn’t? It’s not like CIA is shy of launching deadly missile strikes deep inside the Pakistani territory. Then what has kept it from taking out easily triangulated source of vicious propaganda?

President Zardari (allegedly an American puppet), who called the Taliban, murderers of his wife has generously signed a peace deal with them. If Zardari’s shady compromise wasn’t puzzling enough, ANP’s cowardly surrender of the Swat Valley to Mullah Sufi only makes the puzzle even more complex. If the surrender wasn’t embarrassing enough for the secular ANP, it is going to ends of Earth to defend the despicable deeds of the monotheist Taliban.

The mystery deepens, considering Pakistani media is reporting, the alleged Taliban who took over the district of Buner, are actually Afghan Tajiks! According to a The News a Buner refugee,

“I can swear on Holy Quran that those who have captured our village are Afghan nationals. You people sitting in Islamabad cannot imagine what sort of hell they have unleashed on us after advancing from Swat to our areas.”

While another refugee asked,

“For God sake, why don’t you people listen to our cries as we have been invaded by the Afghan Tajiks, not Pakistanis. Our families and honor are in danger.”

On one hand, alarm bells are going off in the Western capitals over Pakistani peace treaty with the TNSM; on the other hand American stooge, President Karzai had been seeking Saudi assistance in striking a peace treaty with the Taliban. Karzai disclosed, “For the last two years, I’ve sent letters to the king of Saudi Arabia, and I’ve sent messages, and I requested him as the leader of the Islamic world, for the security and prosperity of Afghanistan and for reconciliation in Afghanistan … he should help us.” Strangely, sky also didn’t fall whenever the NATO allies struck secret deals with the Taliban, i.e. when British troops conceded Musa Qala to the Taliban.

However, the peculiarity doesn’t lay in peace deals with the Taliban; it lays in the inaction from all quarters that could quash the Mullah Sufi and his Tajik mercenaries tagged as Taliban within a week or two. Why nobody has taken him out so far should be a matter more than curiosity. But the hysterical statements from the Western circles should make everyone sit up and ask who is pulling wool over our eyes; even more importantly, why they are blindsiding us?


  1. The writer should be careful and I don’t believe that we should blame beheadings and blowing up of schools on Maulana Sufi. He has always been a peaceful activist, wanting to implement Shariah in his area since 20-30 years or so. What we are threatened by is the stance of his son-in-law (Fazlullah) and Baitullah Masood who are on the payroll of CIA/RAW to destabilize Pakistan by creating a civil war between army and those following the militant leaders, hijacked in the name of Jihad. The objective is to weaken Army and other institutions of Pakistan, like defaming ISI which has always protected Pakistan. The peace deal was somewhat necessary to show to the tribesmen that we are not their enemies and that we care for them. This will uncover the faces of the real culprits who are creating havoc and terrorism sponsored by external agencies. All those showing of masked talibans is the right kind of propaganda to scare the Pakistan public into pressurizing the government that it should reinitiate its operations in the North. However, we can only say here that Sufi is a bit old to keep control over everything and the activities of real militants in the area. He needs our support!!


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