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Are we all going Mad?

Today let’s talk frankly and avoid the polite, self-help crap and I’m going to blow off some steam. Why Employed People are not Just Grateful? Why do people don’t value employment anymore? If you are a manager you would probably have the privilege of talking to everyone, and getting to move around a lot, so you will get to see a lot more of what goes on. The more you see the less you understand. Employment seems to be a scarce asset right now, am I right? Not many people are lucky enough to find work because the economy is so bad globally at the moment. So how come the people with jobs aren’t trying a little harder to hold on to them? Customer service and employee morale both seem to have dropped to ridiculously low points recently and it’s to the point where no one cares at all about following the rules or what other people think, it’s just 100% self-concern, 100% of the time.

I have observed in some busy capitals in the world these days, if you go for lunch break to let’s say to a local fast food restaurant. Usually the parking lot is a bit small so spaces are limited and as such the drive-thru line is meant to stretch around the building. Instead of going around the building to get in line everyone just lines up, back out onto the road, and sits there, blocking the road waiting in line. The worst part is IT’S LIKE THIS EVERY DAY. Everyone that goes there at lunch seems to line up into the middle of the road (sometimes up to 15 cars lined up in the road). If you are an honest one and try to do the right way and go around the building, you’ll have no chance of getting your meal within your lunch break. All those are breaking the rules of being civil and NO ONE EVEN CARES.

What is causing this selfish, rebellious, “me first” attitude? Where the hell is this coming from? Why doesn’t anyone notice? I hear from most of my friends when we get together and talk about work, majority of the staff will do everything within their power to stay un-productive. In Europe most office chairs are empty on Mondays, especially the younger workers, who had been in clubs over the weekend and had too much to drink and after having too much of fun, can be bothered to go to the boring work. Here if you are sick, no one can question you for the first two days and you only need a doctor’s note for three days or more consecutive sickness. Some employers have started to cut the pay for the first two days. Amazingly NO ONE STILL CARES. They don’t care that if they skive off work, no one else is going to do it, or that they might get fired. They just don’t give a crap at all. Almost like they don’t care if they lose their jobs, but WHY THE HELL NOT?

A friend of mine is the general manager of a 4* deluxe hotel in Dublin and he recently went on vacation for a week. He left on a Sunday and got back on the following Sunday. On the Wednesday while he was on vacation the deputy general manager sent him an email letting him know that she was going on vacation, and that she was leaving that Friday and not coming back for 10 days. She left without coordinating a busy weekend, where the hotel had conferences, weddings and important group arrivals and group diners booked. In short, leaving so much of responsibility to no one without caring that how many staff was available, how much of supplies were in stock etc. While she was gone there were many, many problems and complaints that took place in this busy airport hotel. I would think that any self respecting general manager would fire someone who abandons their job with 3 days notice WHILE YOU ARE ON VACATION. But somehow he didn’t really make too much of the fuss and she’s still working there.

Another example is of my neighbour, who went on vacation with his wife to Euro-Disney, without permission from his boss and they were gone for a week. When they got back my neighbour went to work and his boss sent him home for another week as “punishment”. Just like putting a kid on time-out. WHAT IS GOING ON?

I just don’t understand what is going on with the work force or even people in general. NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT ANYTHING. It’s so obvious, in the way parents treat their children, employees their jobs, people their environment and the people around them. People, if you don’t watch the back in front of you, then no one’s going to watch yours.

Stop being silly just for fun, let the guy sitting on the side road drive into the road in front of you, pick up the trash you see on the ground, stop ignoring the world around you before it ignores you. Life is good, but you’ve got to make it that way, and the fact is you can’t do it alone! It’s real easy, JUST BE NICE! We tell our kids this then we cut people off, yell, force our ideologies on others and curse etc. at people right in front of them in the car. What do you think your kid is really learning from you? Have you ever even thought about it? Do people ever think any more? If you make life more difficult for other people, chances are life will become more difficult all around! The solution? “Make life better for everyone, even just even in tiny little ways and soon we will be happier.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture and look at what the world’s politicians are doing? Are they behaving any better than ordinary people we discussed as above? I don’t think so!! I don’t blame Iranian President to get mad at some European nations and the USA in Durban 2 conference for their injustices and unfairness, especially when it comes to dealing with Muslims. Why are they supporting Israel and turning a blind eye to their cruelty. Is this the way forward for eradicating terrorism and extremism from the world? I don’t think so, until you start being fair to all parties, you will never achieve the world peace and this world will not be a happy place.

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