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Sufi Muhammad unfolds his Socio-Economic and Shariah Syatem

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ISLAMABAD: Sufi Muhammad who has recently forced a peace deal with Pakistan’s Federal government for Malakand Division, Sunday unfolded his socio-economic and Sharia system declaring superior courts un-Islamic and without making a commitment to un-arm Talibans of Swat.

Addressing a gathering of over 30,000 people at Grassy Ground, with most of his followers carrying black and white flags, Sufi Muhammad spoke in Pushto. He declared that only Shariah legal system was Islamic and existing Sessions, High Courts and Supreme Court were un-Islamic.

High Courts and Supreme Court were ‘Ghair Sharaiee’ institutions and going for appeal in ‘Ghair Sharaiee’ institutions was ‘Haram’. Darul Qaza could be approached in case of any reservations on our verdicts, but the final decisions of Darul Qaza not allowed to be challenged in the High Courts and Supreme Court

He said that the rulers were appeasing the West by thrusting the Nizam of Kufr(infidel). He said that he wanted peace and affection among the Muslims and wish to set up an environment of brotherhood, but the Muslims were divided in different parties, we direly need unity at this time. Maulana Sufi Muhammad said that there were two types of people in Pakistan—the rulers and the ruled. He said that one has to self-appraise whether one’s faith was intact or not and added that presently the citizens of Pakistan should take care of their faith. He urged upon the Ulemas, rulers and the people to get united.

Maulana Sufi Muhammad said that only black turban was ‘Sunnat-e-Nabvi’ and using turban of any other colour was not ‘Sunnat-e-Nabvi’. He said that the existing system was in contravention of Nizam-e-Islam and the Holy Quran.

He said we have enforced Nizam-e-Adal and Sharia in Malakand Division and asked government to station its police and civil administration who will be assigned to implement Shariah Laws. Malakand Division consist of three former princely states of Swat, Dir and Chitral and other districts are Chitral, Shangla and Kohistan.

Before partition of Indian sub-continent Swat was a wet state with liberal society. Even dancing girls and other social activities which can be termed liberal but not un-Islamic were practiced. An ancestor of former wali of Swat-Prince Aurangzeb-Mian Abdul Wadood had introduced legal code known as Fatawa-e-Wadoodia. Practically Fatawa-e-Wadoodia was drawn from Fatawa-e-Alamgiria which King Aurangzeb had introduced in the sub-continent.

After partition and annexation of Swat into Pakistan system of Qazi courts was adopted which remained a part of Fatawa-e-Wadoodia. But Wali of Swat remained the Chief Justice deliverer. However Qazi Courts during Wali delivered cheap and speedy justice.

In 1969 Swat’s separate princely status was finished at the state was properly annexed into Pakistan administratively with the application of Pakistan’s normal laws. Pakistan’s normal legal system caused delayed in verdicts, magistracy got corrupted and locals of Swat felt the pinch. They did not protest but through their representatives in the Parliament demanded revival of old Qazi system.

Instead of introducing the Old Qazi Courts system the Federal Government extended Frontier Criminal Regulations with a promise of bring more reforms. In 1976 supporters of old Qazi courts engineered a limited revolt in Dir State. Revolt was crushed by Pakistan Army but the Federal Government did not address the real problem.

In 1995 Sufi Muhamnmad’s supporters again engineered a revolt killing one member of NWFP Assembly and forced their demands to then Chief Minister of NWFP Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao with Benazir Bhutto as the Prime Minister. A local but half-baked deal was struck between Sufi Muhammad and Aftab Sherpao’s government.The deal promised establishment of Qazi Courts in Swat. But the deal could not be implemented due to removal of Benazir Bhutto’s government.

In 2001 Sufi Muhammad and his son in law Maulana Fazazalullah went to Afghanistan to participate in Jihad. Upon his return from Afghanistan Sufi Muhammad was arrested and detained in Dera Ismail Khan Jail while his son-in-law joined militant Talibans.

After inter-mingling with Militant Talibans of diverse school of thoughts specifically Islamic Code of Justice, Sufi Muhmmad, now behaving like a de-fecto ruler of Malakand Division which has a population of 2.2 million people intends to introduce his style of Code of Legal and Justice system within the framework of Presidential Ordinance which gives basic liberties to men and women as suggested in Quran and Sunnah.

Here its worth mentioning that Sufi Muhammad and his son-in-law were not influenced by Jamaat-e-Islami rather they opted for Brailvi Sect. Journey of Sufi Muhammad and his son-in-law to Afghanistan provided cleric an opportunity to inter-mingle with the followers of Imam Wahab, Akhwanul Maslamoon and Salfi Sect. Mostly Arabs from Egypt and Yemen.The Swat Peace deal also promises barbers to open their shops in Swat which was prohibited by militant Talibans.

Since the Federal government of President Asif Ali Zardari has struck a deal with Maulana Sufi Muhammad from a position of weakness it gave enough chance and opportunity to Sufi Muhammad to dictate his terms now. Sunday at Grassy ground when Sufi Muhammad addressed a gathering of 30,000 people his promise peace was there but he gave no indication that his armed Talibans will surrender their weapons. He conceded that provincial Police Force be stationed immediately and implement and enforce only those laws which are permitted within the framework of his brand Shariah System.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani announced the Swat deal was linked to restoration of peace in the valley. He said:

‘The agreement will remain intact if peace endures, the president had signed the Nizam-i-Adl regulation only after 80 per cent peace was restored to Swat.

He said the new accord was an improved version of the agreements signed in 1994 and 1999. He said the government’s reconciliation efforts would strengthen the country’s economy and its institutions and urged political forces to show maturity because the people had voted for a change.

Quick to react to Sufi Muhammad’s plans to introduce his brand of Shariah, leader of Muttehida Qaumai Movement Altaf Hussain in a telephonic address from London to his party-men in Karachi said ,

“lets not indulge into sectarianism. Only talk of Islam and work for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan. Those who are trying to divide Pakistan’s society in the name of sectarianism are out to disunite Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain said that we have to build Pakistan on golden principles of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He further denounced Sufi Muhammad for calling Muslims non-Muslims. He said no individual could be given this mandate to declare majority of Pakistan’s population into non-Muslims. Altaf Hussain said we have to build a society of tolerance which is the main teaching of Islam. We have to respect every sect and we cannot impose one sect over the other.

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