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Developing nations has no role in economic turmoil: Ambassador

Islamabad: Developing countries have nothing to do with current economic downturn as it has originated in US. Developing world is suffering without any fault on their part, an Ambassador said Saturday. Industrialised countries should not undertake efforts to bail out themselves but also care for poor economies that are paying price for the slippages of west, said Gustavo Machín Gómez Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba.

West has the ability to help poor but it seems that they do not have the will. They should not remain preoccupied with themselves, he said. “The idea of Global Economic System has some inbuilt flaws the needs to be addressed for the future of humanity”.

“Limping economies are contributing towards increasing number of poor in the world,” he said. US administration should stop chasing invisible enemies and focus on development. New US president has taken some steps but he needs to do more, said Gustavo.

Speaking at a workshop titled ‘International Peace and Role of Future Generations’ at Rawalpindi Islamic School of Excellence (Rise), he said this century is started with two wars and other conflicts bringing untold miseries to the people of planet. Ambassador Gustavo Machín Gómez said world needs more ‘Peace Schools’ so that the leaders in making become fully aware of issues and try their best to make world a nice and better place after stepping into practical life.

“Role of children as peacemakers of future should not be underestimated; we should teach them tolerance and love for humanity,” he stressed. Underlining joint efforts to improve the situation, he said that great responsibility lies on the shoulders of civil society to bring people of different parts of world closer and explore new venues for development.

The Ambassador said that Pakistanis are one of the most gifted people on the face of earth. Presently 954 Pakistani students are getting free professional education in Cuba and the number will increase soon.

At the occasion, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President Pakistan Economy Watch and Chairman RISE School System said that economy could not excel in absence of quality education. “We need to think out of box and explore new venues in economic education,” he said adding that conventional methods of education are not paying dividends.

Shrinking economy should not be used as a ploy to take toll on educational budgets, said Dr. Mughal. Others said we should abandon policy of treating symptoms rather than the basic malaise. War against terror could be won through education, as it is a solution to many social problems. It’s essential for the prosperity and survival o Pakistan.PEW

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