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Pakistani Journalists physically assulted by Sri Ram Sena Activists


New Delhi: Activists from Hindu religious organisation Sri Ram Sena have attacked a group of Pakistani journalists here on Wednesday. According to sources, the Shri Ram Sena extremists entered New Delhi’s India International Center where a meeting of Indo-Pak Forum was going on. It is told that that They thrashed visiting Pakistani journalists and chanted anti-Pakistan slogans.

The trouble started when Pakistani journalist Khan Yusufzai (The News) referred to an article which suggested India to attack Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks while speaking at the seminar on the theme ‘Is Media Jingoism fanning Indo-Pak Tensions?’

Reports reveal that around 10 to 30 people sitting inside the main auditorium started shouting slogans like ‘Pakistan Hai Hai’ and ‘Pakistan Murdabad’. They also demanded that the seminar should be immediately wrapped up. However security personnel intervened and the protesters were taken out of the hall.

“The meeting was disrupted for a brief period. It resumed after some time,” Madhur Trehan, one of the organisers and president of the Foundation of Media Professionals, said.

Yusufzai while commenting on this incident said it was unfortunate for some people to disrupt such peaceful discussions. “We were not representing any governments, though I think they wanted to make a point,” he said.

For many it has an attempt to destroy Ind-Pak relation; where tensions have already escalated in wake of Mumbai terrorist Attacks in November; However one website of Tha Indian has said that

Owning responsibility for the act, Sene national general secretary Binay Kumar Singh told IANS:

“Everything was pre-planned as we wanted to disrupt the seminar.” He said around 30 members of the group were present there. Speakers at the seminar were making comments against India and they were relating India with the recent terror attack on a police academy in Lahore. How can one listen to it? Pakistan has become a global problem and war is the only solution,”

Besides this incident is condemned; world should also know that India has also Talibanised elements within its secular and liberal society; that immediately casts away the impressions of Indian Journalists that these activists wanted cheap popularity through media.

Commenting on recent incident; People in Pakistan are saying that so-called reputation of liberal India is diffused with such incidents. Previously Pakistani artists including Shakil Siddiqui and Kashif Khan have been threatened by Hindu extremists. These two artists have been participating in Indian TV channels programes Comedy Circus and Kantay ki Takkar for last several months. They have won the hearts of millions of Indian regardless of Hindus or Muslims with their talents. Similarly Pakistani Cricket players have been asked not to visit India due to threats from Indian extremist elements.

After Mumbai Terrorist Attacks India and Pakistan are facing increased tensions; that have led to serious situation and such incidents beside condemnation from both sides of boarder call for immediate action against such elements. Such incidents add feul to fire in agony of segments of the society who want to disrupt peace efforts.


  1. I never wanted to be sound unbiased i am too some extent.. as to what Indians do and think and salam to our TV channels .. did not show much.. had this incident ben happened in Pakistan and some of Indian journalists been a victim.. i would have seen Richard Holbrook coming and saing we are going to stop ur aid.. because u r spreading terrorism in India.. and u dont know how to deal with guests..


    Indians! we need peace,, this is not we.. world portrays us this way.. but we are not..

    Khair aap ka bhanda bhee phoot jata hai

  2. Apparently, the psychological warfare has failed to take off in india. The indians are 100% convinced that there is no such thing as “state actors” or “non-state actors” in pakistan. pakistan as a whole is responsible. This has kashmir written all over. If someone thought that the indian public would push there “evil” govt to give back kashmir to pakistan then they miscalculated. Like i said, the psychological warfare has failed to take off in india.

  3. Hi paki folks,
    Well, don’t talk long shots about democracy and stuff. And by the way your prime minister is in tokyo to beg for some aid to feed pakistan right? Oh , all the money lost in bomb making and buying phone cards for mumbai attack so sad. Pakistan is a failed state. remember that.

  4. Concluding the mental approach and ideology of a whole nation of 115 carore, from an incident that was carried out by 30 activists would be absolutely unfair. If we believe that all Pakistanis are not extremists because we are being portrayed wrong than the same applies for the others too. Not every Indian is anti Pakistan. Its just this media war, that has really diverted minds of millions of people to think on the other lines of the peace. It’s a time to worry infact that the mentality of the nation is judged with an incident that was carried out by a small number of poeple.



  5. My views are clear like crystal water that this meet was a political gimmick, they just wanted to influence the muslims voters in favour of the ruling party!!!!!!!!!! I congratulate Mr. Binay Kumar, personally and his brave associates for doing this act as pakistan has to be condemned at everywhere and at every level.

  6. Devende!
    I would want to know as to

    “Why Pakistan has to be condemned at everywhere and at every level.”

    Pay heed to to it what and where would instability in Pakistan lead to India

  7. Thank you so Much Peaceful Soul!

    I know many Indian friends who are just like you and do not consider themselves as enemies of Pakistan..

    I agree that media should play positive role



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