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What are their Business Ethics?


I am bit confused about how to start my writing on double standard of our society. According to Islamic School of thought, Business shares 75 percent of total of capital while 25 percent remains within Jobs. Business is a responsibility, where every one aspires to adopt Corporate lifestyle. But entrepreneurs should follow business ethics instead of blaming to bureaucratic tactics and Administrative machinery of Private companies.

Well, in this article, I would like to put some light on so-called Expert Businessmen, who have strong religious norms to differentiate between “Hallal” and “Haram”. I question the interpretation they have brought about the business ethics while forgetting real norms of doing business?

I know many readers will consider me wrong because Businessmen are excelling in their respective businesses. Ok Ok Ok… I agree, I do belong to a business family, who has been in business for last 40 years. Business is in their blood and soul. Their experience in business is approximately double of my age,Business for my family is passion and hobby. So they contribute a lot in community welfare and charity programs too. However this corporate class in small and metropolitan cities of Pakistan is always found to be blaming bureaucrats for their corrupt methods of making money in wake of Million of Rupees in Customs, Taxation by looting Janta (Public).

On being inquired about the transparently from business class that why they offer bribe to corrupt officers, they find to be abusing these officers off the record, but buttering in front of them for their monetary gains. If you again ask them, why do you offers bribe, they reply that it’s only an option to refund our taxes, otherwise they will not refund their taxes.

I understand that business community has a genuine problem that this system is corrupt and they have to bribe for getting the refunds backs… But on the other hand, you can think of low salary of bureaucrats and administration of private companies. It is impossible for them to manage a house in the high Inflation. I sometime do take part time in my family business, which is to sell packaging material to Textile, Chemicals and others, etc.
Few days back, I went to leading Textile company, i supposed to meet with Purchase Manager, and I had to sell packaging to them. I tried hard to convince him for buying our material and market my product as marketers do, but he was not ready on my terms, even I was offering competitive price with High quality products. Then I tried be friendly with him, and tried to oblige him. And see!!!!! In this effort i realized that he gave me clues to offer company low weight and quality products with same high price. I told him that I will dispatch sample to you for approval.

Hah!!!!! What was that? Is it ethical according to our religious values, I am not blaming any one, because before blaming anone i have to mend myself first. Similarly many cases in Govt. machinery can be found. Honestly speaking, I am unable able to understand the double standards of our so-called religious society. Actually, to whom we are deceiving? I am for sure, deceiving our self.

So I deem it wise to suggest to Business community along with the administrative machinery of public and private organizations that Business is profession adopted by Holy prophet (p.B.U.H) too. So we should not wage unethical practices while doing business. I feel it is somehow impossible considering ground realities of this country, but we can endeavor to reduce the ratio as Sitara Group left banking interest on their businesses adopting Islamic Banking system. I request to business Community that has no willingness to shun unethical business practices, please do not blame bureaucrats and administration of private companies for their bribery issue. Because, this is we who strengthen their lust. Ultimately, there are very few batches of businessmen, who try to stay away from unethical business practices and follow Islamic Code of Business Ethics; they are equally successful only difference is that the follow the directions of consciences.



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