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Yeh Hum Nahin Hein Part – II

. . . . . . . . . . . . and the mystery continues. Yet another series of serious security mishaps, bomb blasts just hit the news headlines. Before this an alleged video tape had drawn all the attention of the media towards it showing a teenage girl being beaten up in the public by Taliban Extremists in Swat Valley. Though the originality of the video is still being questioned but the fact still hangs in that a public display of such acts would only increase the hatred and negative image of the people with whom the government is conducting the peace talks. The ongoing peace process will suffer from acts like this and it could even make the presidency rethink its decision of having a pact with the Taliban in Swat. With a public display of acts like this certainly a negative image of Pakistan will be generated inside the hearts and minds of people who do know Pakistan only with the eyes of media. Today in the world we are being thought of as the most unstable, unsafe, un-tolerant, non patriot nation in the world. What further endorses this theory is our silence. The majority of the public around has the same opinion as I have for my beloved country and the countrymen, but they don’t speak and that silence is really becoming a sign that we have given up.

Have We?
Have we just lost every possible bit of hope that this unstable, insecure and potentially dangerous Pakistan will ever retrieve? It sure will retrieve. I have the faith, and I have my facts behind my back, of a historical past that shows that Pakistanis are the most unpredictable nation in the world. They strike back as hard as they are pushed back, but all they need is a push up. All they ever need is a leader to lead them, guide them, and show them the way. A leader whose not the leader of a political party or a faction of people; we need a leader whose voice is the voice of the nation. Whose heard, admired and respected in all the factions of the people living inside Pakistan and in all parts of Pakistan! But who would it be? At least I am unable to find an answer to this question of my own, but I am sure my nation isn’t. Leaders are born within the nation. Someone said once “Some are Born Great, Some Achieve Greatness, and While Some Have Greatness Thrust upon Them”. Right now our leaders are the people who have greatness thrust upon them. I wish one of these days a common ordinary man speaks up and speaks out the words of the nation toward the P- Houses of the country. The Parliament, The Prime Minister’s House and The Presidency. The elected government is just a year old and they have inherited a lot of problems with their power oath taking so I really don’t blame them for the mess around. However I believe it is time for them even to straighten their line. The public today is just not accepting everything as they decide it. The public now has a voice. They want their voice to be heard and respected in the power houses of Pakistan because it’s after all only about them.

The Video tape of the incident has just ignited the fire and the hatred for each other has furthermore increased. The misinterpretation of the social, moral and religious believes is further demoralizing the nation. People are confused. Confuse of whom to listen to and whom not to. I strongly believe that with the power of the voice that media has created for their selves they need to use it to the best of their abilities and create awareness in the public that its not the time to fight on issues that come up, its time to sit back, analyze and understand the issues as they come up before reacting to them. With the power of the electronic media, tables are really turning around. But things are still fizzy and unclear. Non issues are highlighted more than the real issues. With this I request all the people associated with the media, print or electronic to really come up and play a role. They are the influential voices of the society; they need to make their presence felt. They need to make sure that they speak the language of a common man and they raise the issue of a common man too. I will continue writing this series but I want all of you to keep giving me your feedbacks too.

This is second part of the public message that I am trying to convey through this very popular web to the general public. The basic aim behind the article is to create awareness and give this silent majority of our youth a platform to come and express what they feel about the current situation. Come on guys come up with ideas and express yourselves. It’s after all us, on whose shoulders the responsibility lies of the future of the nation. Stand fast and be active. Your silence anymore would just harm the cause of the bright sustainable and stable future.

Yeh Hum Nahin Hein (Come Join Hands and Let the World Know).

God Bless Pakistan

Pakistan Zindaabad.

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at all)

(An ordinary Pakistani Man)

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  • I think we need to be honest now.. and peep into our history what have we been doing and what can be done to make ourselves strong..

    Time has passed and no water has left under the bridges..

    lets get ready to face every odd..

  • I can suggest that it is the time to raise your voices among the masses and yes Vish i agree that media can surely help a lot!Pakistan and its people are not safe in any case.Daily blasts are the proof that no one is safe in Pakistan.I ask you people that cant you unite and fight agaainst terrorism.You are lakhs and thousands in number and if you unite you can really blow them out of your country.I think a day will come when the masses of Pakistan will surely understand.Who is responsible for Lahore blast? Who is responsible for Swat? Who is responsible fir Isb blasts? No…not they you and you people are responsible in the sense that you people keep quite even after so many incidents.Rise …wake up..go and free your country from this terrorists and trust me if you unite no one can harm you and your country.Rise for the sake of those innocents who have been killed in this false war…rise for the sake of those mothers who are still crying for their son…rise for those sisters who have lost their brothers..rise for those wives who lost their husbands..rise..Wake up!

    Soora so pahchaniye, jo lare deen ke het.

    Purja purja kat mare, kabhoon na chhade khet…

    Is ukti ko yaad rakhna…mere bhaiyon…dekhoge bahut taqat milegi aap logo ko…Bhagat Singh ne gaya tha is gaane ko..aur dekho kaise unhone angrezo ko mooh toor jawaab diya tha…..aaj bhi angrez unke naam se daar tain hai!…

  • Kaun Zimedar hai? Efcourse hum Khud Zimedar hein but having said so, Sirf Hum hi nahin hein zimedar, Kuch karam hum per hamarey humsayon ka bhi hai toh kuch hamarey apney doston yaron ka bhi hein. We really have to look beyond our past now, whats done is done, now its time to move on and to move on the first thing you require is an aim, will to fight the odds, and the unity. Collective wisdom often is the best way out.

    Thanks for your replies guys i really appriciate your feedbacks.

    God Bless Pakistan.