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Friday, June 25, 2021

An engineered incident to ignite the fire again!!! Balochistan

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Before I write anything else on behalf of all my fellow countrymen; I condemn the deaths of Baloach leaders. Our sympathies and best wishes are with whole of the Baloach society and we hope that God Almighty give patience and the power to overcome the loss. We strongly strongly condemn this type of targeted killing.

Incident after incident looks like a plan to weaken the federation of Pakistan. It all started way back when the enemies of Pakistan and the people who believe we as a nuclear power are a threat to the western interests, sourced and resourced the Martyrdom of Nawab Akber Khan Bhugti inside Balochistan. By than the war against terror was moving step by step inside the Pakistani areas near Afghan border and things started to worsen up.

The martyrdom of Nawab Akber Khan Bhugti generated a wave of resistance in the Baloach youth. The ever sincere Pakistani Baloach people finally started to think on the opposite lines of their silence and patience. Since independence, inside Pakistan; Mechanism was built to work more for the interests of allies and friends than for our own good. In all these past years; only time Pakistan really was shining- could be hyphened as “the era of Shaheed-Quaid-e-Awam Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto”. Though I do not claim it to be the best part of our history at all and even Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto was not the perfect man on the earth but he sure was a lot better ruler than we had in the past or after him.

In the times after him things diverted and the federation was really weakened. The issues kept changing from time to time and unfortunate treatment by the rulers towards issues made those more complex. From target killings to the deaths of religious scholars, from Mahajir – Pathan to Mahajir Sindhi conflicts it was all being sourced and resourced from outside the country and purpose was to destabilize Pakistan. All was done to prove Pakistanis “a failed nation”. On finding Pakistanis as determined nation to the forces operating to destabilize; and things were not working for them-forces went a step ahead and in the shadow of religion—- and— they started dividing us in the name of sectarianism by creating differences and segregation between us in the name of Shia-Sunni or Hindu-Muslim, but yet again their agenda wasn’t full filled. This nation stroke back and was on the track for moving up and progressing again.

In every mishap there has been a invisible hand; wanted to crush this nation because the whole world knows that this nation can revive and retaliate at any time once united. The Martyrdom of Nawab Akbar Khan Bhugti was an incident that really shocked the nation and it was condemned all over the world. It was tagged as a political murder of the hopes of an integrated part of Pakistan. People from all factions in Baluchistan united themselves for a movement that later on turned really bloody unfortunately. That movement still continues. That fight still goes on and people are still suffering the way they used to several decades back.

My hopes are alive- in extremely worse situation Pakistani nation fighting on several fronts believes in staying united at one point agenda that “WE ARE ONE NATION” even though we have political differences but we are united as a nation and any negative sight over our homeland would not be tolerated.

In wake on destabilizing Pakistan; forces moved few steps ahead to strike hard again at us. These forces kept on targeting our sovereignty and integrity. I believe that their target was an individual entity but to produce shakes in the socks of whole nation– and yes they found the ways too. The daughter of east, the symbol of hope left for slumbering nation, the star of everyone’s eye MOHTARMAAN BENAZER BHUTTO was martyred. Nobody in the power houses of Pakistan was able to answer nation or take responsibility of their inadequate, insufficient and failed security. Alas! With her lied the hope of the revival too diminished somehow. The nation was in shock, loss was so big that for three days the rit of the government was not witnessed in any part of the country until and unless the army was called.

It was the strength of the speech of President of Asif Ali Zardari with a demanding voice that Pakistan Khapey (We Want Pakistan) and things changed, as always we proved again that we are the most unpredictable nation of the world. In one single moment the voice of the nation changed. She wasn’t a leader of Sindh only. She was the chain joining the four provinces of Pakistan and making it a federation. After her death in the first general elections people turned out in numbers and voted for more liberal parties and a government was formed.

First time in the history the misery of the people of Balochistan was understood and accepted and the president of the country apologized for crimes that were committed against them not by him. The smell of national reconciliation was in the air all around. Everywhere the talk was of reconciliation and renovation of the coordination between the provinces and the parties and even the political leaders. Things looked to move in the right direction and how could those enemies of Pakistan bear this all. So they woke again and this is what they did. Three political leaders of Balochistan were kidnapped and murdered just days after the first visit of the President to Quetta. The slogans of strikes, shutter downs, wheel jams have already been heard on the national television and the Baloach people have yet again taken it as an attempt to suppress them. The reconciliation efforts have just seemed to have gone in vein and we are again at the place where we started from. Poor us. Guys its time to understand problems, analyze them before we really react to them. Burning the tyers on the roads and burning buses, destroying government property would not solve our issues. It’s really the time to point our fingers at each other. Its time to come together sit back hard and see what our real issues are and who ever real enemies are. Who are the people benefiting from this all rough times the most? Nobody in Pakistan considers Baloach people the second class citizens. You are as much Pakistanis as we are. I really condemn the killings of not only Baloach leaders but infact every single Baloach citizen who has lost his life during that army operation. I know how hard it is to just forget the bloodshed and move ahead but I stand by my words because I believe it’s not about Balochistan only. It’s about Pakistan and the miscreants who did this are the enemies of Pakistan. They are the people who want to destabilize and in the end God forbid split us. Please try and understand. It’s really getting worse for Pakistan. If we don’t get up and get united the world will soon have to shuffle up the maps in their drawing rooms.

Stay united. Stay safe. Stay Pakistanis.

Long Live Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindaabad.

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  1. For sure it is an engineered effort.. Vishal..
    No Pakistani wants to see integration of Pakistan..

    Lets join hands to make world realize– instablity in Pakistan would not favour any country in the world..

  2. Baloch could not forget the death of Nawab Akbar Khan Bhugti; I dont know but i feel the injustices in Balochistan are done because their governments and feuds do not want their people to be educated..

  3. America has to go out of this region particularly Afghanistan because it has lost war there.. and i beleive it was useless war.. so it cant go without doing something wrong..
    i see it as they want to control Gwadar Port.. and also they are looking for the alternative routes for reaching to central asian states thats why Iran is being considered..

  4. When the going gets tough only the tough gets going!!

    We as a nation are tough enough to fight the odds. All we ever need is a youthful leadership. Pakistani youth is so talented and blessed but the crisis in the country have really demoralized them. We need to really pick ourselves us cos no one else will come to collect the broken pieces of once a great nation.

    Pakistan Will Remain a reality on the map of the earth and this is a truth that most of the world will have to understand and realize. We are a reality not a nuclear disaster. We will fight till the end for our right to survival cos
    Hum Kumzor Nahin, Hum Kahil Nahin aur Hum Kaayer Bhi Nahin!!!!

    God Bless Pakistan


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