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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sikh journalist throws shoes at Indian Home Minister

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NEW DELHI: A Sikh journalist threw a shoe on Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram here on Tuesday when was addressing a press conference at Indian Congress headquarters. The Minister narrowly escaped as he ducked to avoid the hit.

The Sikh journalist Jarnail Singh of a Hindi newspaper hurled shoe at the Minister to protest against giving clean chit to senior Congress leader Jagdish Tytler by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) who was accused in 1984 anti?Sikh riots case.

After this incident, the Minister asked to take away the journalist. Chidambaram later said “I forgive him”. Later, the Police took the journalist into custody. Delhi police said “we are questioning him. We want to know his intention. After that we will take necessary action. “-APP

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  1. Is this a new trend developing? Oh God are we sick? Where are our human values? Have we just lost all of that? or is it just the Furstration that no one is really willing to bring in an overdue change within our society!! One just wonders where is our society moving?

    I accept your right to express yourself but there sure are better ways to do it. I don’t even blame you for this either becuase this trend has a lot to do with our leadership not coming up to the mark of our expectations. Our leaders really have to understand that it is about Us only.

  2. I am happy to see that our great sikh jawan raised the issue of the genocide of the sikhs in 1984 in which indra fascist gandhi killed 100,000 of our people. It would have been great if the Hindu interior minister was hit by the shoe, but sadly, he escaped unharmed. Perhaps next time it would be successful. Khalistan is the answer and if we want to live in peace and dignity, we need to separate ourselves from these hindu terrorists and gain an independent khalistan.

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