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PM promises end of loadshedding by year’s end

RAWALPINDI: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Tuesday vowed that the government through its effective policies, would eliminate loadshedding by the end of the year. Inaugurating the US 160 million 165MW Attock power generation unit here at Morgah, the Prime Minister urged the nation to conserve energy for a sustainable development.

The country is currently facing a shortage of 3500 MW and the recent series of “Fast Track” initiatives is likely to result in installation of power plants to the tune of 4000-5000 MW by the end of this year. Currently, PPIB has issued Letters of Interest to 36 power projects of more than 10,000 MW of cumulative power generation capacity, while 14 projects totaling 2,759 MW of cumulative power generation capacity have been issued Letters of Support, out of which 12 projects of 2,539 MW of cumulative power generation capacity have already achieved Financial Close and are marching towards commissioning.

The Attock Gen is the first power plant under 2002 Power Policy which is based on indigenously produced environment friendly fuel. The plant along with other power plants coming up in the near future, vindicate the confidence of the investors in investment-friendly policies of the present government.

“I can guarantee that if they save 1000 MWs, there will be no loadshedding at all,”

he said and announced that measures are afoot to provide ten million energy saving bulbs at a reasonable price.

Gilani said overcoming power shortage was the top priority of his government and added that the pledges made to the people in this regard would be fulfilled. The Prime Minister said the government was also trying to save another 500 MWs through load management and directed the ministry of water and power to launch an aggressive media awareness campaign, urging the masses to conserve energy. Gilani recalled that it was the Pakistan Peoples Party government of Benazir Bhutto in 90s and 14 Independent Power Producers were established that are contributing 3000 MWs to the national grid.

Prime Minister Gilani said his government inherited the problem of power shortage and was taking it as a challenge. He said the Private Power Infrastructure Board was setup to provide a one window facility and to attract Foreign Direct Investment.

The Prime Minister said the government was trying to create a stable political environment by pursuing a policy of national reconciliation. He said the government was trying to correct the perception about Pakistan and desired that more foreign direct investment flows into the country.

He said the government also believes in private sector resource mobilisation and was utilising several modes of power generation including wind, solar and others. Gilani hoped that more local and international investors would endorse the government’s policy by investing in the power sector of the country.

Earlier the prime minister unveiled the plaque to inaugurate the project. The work on the combined cycle highly efficient power plant began on May 12, 2007 and was completed in a record period. The AGL’s power project is the first oil?based power plant built under the power policy 2002.

It is the first power sector venture of the Attock Group of Companies under Power Policy 2002, the plant has a vital significance at this crucial point in time when the country needs additional power supply to overcome the power shortage due to continuously rising demand of energy in future and the accumulated backlog due to neglect of the power sector during the last eight years.

It may be noted that the Pakistan Peoples’ Party Government is committed to meet the energy requirements of the country. Prime Minister Gilani, in his first 100-days of Government had announced to end load-shedding by the end of this year as the power shortage is adversely affecting the day-to-day life and economy of Pakistan.

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  • I am compelled to answer to these fake promises. Somebody might find it in themselves to believe in these liars …. but unfortunately I can’t. Pakistan’s People’s Party is the same league which sold Electricity in its earlier regime to other countries while condemning their own people to the calamity of load-shedding. We heard unofficially that Mr. Zardari has purchased a bulk lot of generators from some exotic company and needed to sell them … so he made her wife initiate the power-outages. While he was happy that his generators were being sold on double the price. We all know what happened when Nawaz Sharif asked nation to preserve a single cup of tea everyday for the country ….. another scandal was in the making. By Almighty God, every time I look at an irregularity of this shameless kind ….. my conscious makes me stand before Hazrat Quaid ….. and believe me …. shame is the very small speckle of a word that I feel. Can I take any one of them to be my ideological hero after Quaid …. ? We are the culprits … we never sing for the man who refused official car for his Suzuki FX …. even when he became a deputational PM. Turned down official residence and remained at his flat. Was he a PPP’s man, Malik Meraj Khalid ? No, he was of his own kind ….. and thats the kind we are looking for. Now do you wonder about those 14 independant power plants erected in 90s by BB?

    God save this country from us. (not US)