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Yeh Hum Nahin Hein


Blast after blast, death after death and in the end what we end up is just regrets!!! The Prime Minister announcing the compensation amount and the rest of the world around announces condolences. But have we ever thought how hard it is for the people to over come such unusual deaths when they actually occur? Have we ever thought of the consequences these continuous deaths can bring in the society? Isn’t it high times to really think that all this silence inside the nation is creeping and no wonder one day it just blows out as a volcano in the middle of the country? I don’t think the number of people will be as less as they were for the proposed long March of the lawyer’s movement. Every single person around us is a victim in some way or the other of this war against terror. 12 months after the general elections, that for the first time in the history of Pakistan brought the change in the mindset of the general public, the public still waits for the hopeful results for which they voted. The increasing number of suicidal attacks in the past few weeks has again brought the question of a sense of unsecured surroundings. I and everyone around me feel unsafe, exposed and an open target for the terrorist activity instead of all these security measurements around. Things keep moving faster and faster and the nation as always keeps going even faster in forgetting what happened. With so many things happening around one wonders what to remember and what not to. Beside we have far more problems in our own homes to sort rather to sort the nation’s problems. This is how the mentality of a normal Pakistani has turned into. Why have we become so senseless, why have we just disowned the mess that we can not even blame no one else for. The war against terror may have started from 9/11, but the things started to worsen up for Pakistan way back. No wonder Pakistan is announced to be the center or the afghan policy, because of position in the region.

Having said above words I know a lot of Pakistanis would disagree with me on acknowledging that the war against terror may have been started by Americans but what we are fighting right now is a war of our own. We have enemies deep inside our own roots. People who have been brain washed trained and left freely as the potential threats to not only Pakistan but also the foreign targets in Pakistan. This whole turmoil is an attempt to further demoralize the distributed nation of Pakistan and created negative image of us in the world. We all really have to come over it. It’s time to move on. Move on from the internal matters to the big challenges we face as a nation. We really have to get over this Sindhi, Punjabi, Pakhtoon, Baloch fights on non issues. Together we can and we will for sure get over every obstacle but distributed all we will ever face is defeat.

After the general elections back in February, 2008, whole world was watching closely on us to see how a nation wounded so badly would react. Things turned out well enough. The mind set for the first time in the history changed. People voted and opted for a change rather than the continuity of the policies of the Musharaf Regime. Hopes were high, and a very positive start even further created the hype that some thing would definitely happen with the first speech of the newly democratically elected Prime Minister in his first speech announced to release all the deposed judges straightaway; but ever since than nothing of a substantial importance looks to have changed. Food crisis continue, the shortage of water, electricity, food supplies, wheat, floor, jobs everything seems to have just dried up. One wonders where the hell has everything gone wrong. We were really improving, our economy was strong, and the stock market was doing great, what just happened all of a sudden. Our leaders will really have to sit and think hard on this and take fruitful steps to ensure their presence felt soon. Things from a common man’s point of view are not looking good up ahead. Street demonstrations really do destabilize the working of a government but what other options does a common man have. The law in order situation has gone from bad to worse. People don’t feel safe even in locked doors. It’s high time. We have got to get hold of ourselves and have a closer look on what we have done in the recent past and where have we gone absolutely mad. Its not the government only to be blamed for wrong doings, we as a nation have not fulfilled all our responsibilities either. The lack of social equality has created wide hatred for each other in our society. From the queue of a electric bill submission to the job opportunities every where the preferences are not the same for everyone. Things need to change; they just have to if we are to survive.

The way we have been portrayed in the world today is not really the way we are. For the world we have literally became the most dangerous creatures on the earth, but are we? No way. We live like them. We have our own lives to work for, we have kids we love, we have our national interest we believe in, and we have our national heroes we admire. The only thing that might just differentiate us from others is the lack of the unity that the founder of our nation in his first speech pointed.

This whole writing is not really to point out mistakes or negatives. Everyone has negative points but the one who succeeds overcomes those negatives and we have to over come our negatives. Come together, join hands in hands and support the positives happenings and retaliate the wrongs, things will just turn to the best possible way out. Together we can and we will over come all the odds. Show the world that we are not terrorists we instead are the targets because of our unpredictability and strength to bounce back from the worst even.

Yeh Hum Nahin Hein (Come Join Hands and Let the World Know).

God Bless Pakistan

Pakistan Zindaabad.

(No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at all)

Vish (An ordinary Pakistani Man)


  1. I completely agree, its not only ones personality that should be generalized as being the natural way for a whole nation, thats mearly only one person, or a small group. People tend to remember better and quicker the bad, than the good… which is a pity.

    One should really think twice before doing something irational.

  2. You grabbed words from my mouth.. you have very rightly indicated hat “these are not we”.. we need to work on it in more details

    “The way we have been portrayed in the world today is not really the way we are. For the world we have literally became the most dangerous creatures on the earth, but are we? No way. We live like them. We have our own lives to work for, we have kids we love, we have our national interest we believe in, and we have our national heroes we admire. The only thing that might just differentiate us from others is the lack of the unity that the founder of our nation in his first speech pointed.”

    I totally agree with you on this point

    Vishal.. I wish to know more about you and where are your profile details..

  3. The first time ever I have chosen to be Public and the admiration , the appriciation is worth alot. Thanks Iftekhar, Erika, Only, Gulfam Mustafa and last but not the least Rani. These lines are just not here to be read and forgot, I will put all my possible efforts to put life in these dead words. They are dead cos they said but not heard right now. If all of you guys just joind hands we can for sure bring back the lost unity of the nation. We were, are and will always be remembered as the most unpredictable nation and we will bounce back as hard as we are pushed back.
    Just spread the Message as far as you can and say it as loud as you can “YEH HUM NAHIN HEIN”.

  4. Sab keh do ” yeh Hum nahe hein”
    Can any Pakistani really think of destroying its motherland.. for us Pakistan is a Janoon..

    this is not WE.. who involve in negative things being portrayed.. We are peacelovers and want peace to prevail all over the world

  5. I think Vishal!

    We need to digg the enemies who are clinging to our roots like termite.. making our basis week..

    Lets join hands together and say that “Yeh Hum Nahi Hein”


    “Yeh Hum Nahee Hein”

  6. I have a feeling the world is being held hostage by a handful of fanatics. G W Bush was the worst of them all. They are roaming in Pakistan and India, and around other places in the world. The silver lining is that the awareness of reality that is spreading as a consequence although fanaticism is also on the lose. I agree with all that Vishal has written.

  7. “It sure is a Junoon Omer but its all in vien if we can not stand by our words.
    Noreen yes ask all the people around you, or you know to come join hands, this is a platform i have provided, come join hands and voices and let the world Know ke YEH HUM BILKUL BHI NAHIN.
    Khalid this is a platform I have tried to put in for the youth to join hands and create the awareness. Tell everyone around to come and be a part of this phenomenon of opening up the silent lips of the mojority.”

  8. The terribly beautiful thing about terrorism is that those who practice it would be destroyed, slowly and surely. It is the tactic of demanding the impossible and demanding it at gunpoint.
    For all those innocent civilians from Bombay to Khyber, from Delhi to Lahore and from Dhubri in Asom to Chakwal in Pakistan Punjab, this naked dance of slaughtering has not chance of being accomodated ever in debate and discourse of a civilised society.
    Defeating terrorism is not difficult. It is thriving on pile of ignorance, illiteracy and superstitions plaguing the entire region of Indian subcontinent.
    Terrorism has become a strange weapon of war that knows no border, and worst of all, it has no face. It is like virus, and it is all over the place.

  9. Although i am an Indian…no rights to comment on Pakistani issues…but still its a general fact….that if you people join your hands instead of fighting among yourselves then i am sure Pakistan will be considered as a great nation.Fighting in the name of religion..in the name of cast!…no dear this things not represent a general human being charater.Stop the terrorists in Pakistan that is spreading like a cancer and involving poor young talents like Ajmal Kasab.Every body is cursing him ..but has anybody tried to understand under what circumstances he committed this nasty job?…no…i have read in a news paper that taking the chance of his miserable condition this terrorists offered him 1 lakh ruppee if the mission gets successful.Not in the name of Islam..but for the sake of some money a young talent that could have done his best to serve his nation is now lost in Indian Jails. Stop this fighting and so called ‘Jihads’.I ask this people “Do you go yourself go to this mission?”..no…but you damage the brains of this little angels!..stop please stop…in the name of ALLAH the most merciful stop…in the name o Bhagwaan stop ….please stop.Stop calling Islam a terrorist religion and stop saying “ISLAMIC terrorism”.Terrorism is terrorism…what is this ISLAMIC terrorism?…please ..please my brothers think about your country and please remember we local indians really love you all. I still proudly say i am Lahori..lahore is my motherland…but in 1947 we left our land again due to Riots which is nothing but terrorism.”Ni chadan mainu…kyun jaun..e meri matr bhoomi hai…..ma hai….” my nanaji shouted but…no one helped him…we are not migrated …we are forcefully migrated…again and again due to terrorism!…

    My last word for you all …is stop thinking about religion….because it was created by humans…not god!..think about your country…think about your children who suffers from Cancer of terrorism.Dont allow this cancer to spread….please please…may god bless you all!..and thanks vishal…..hum jantain hai dost “app log aise nahi hain”…mere bahut pakistani dost hai…main janta hoon ….aap kaise hain…bhagwaan apka bhala kare!..khush raho malko!

  10. Thank you, Vish! This is a beautiful message… I hope millions of Pakistani people join you. The world needs to keep hearing this message.

    – Tommy

  11. I agree Frank, terrorism really is a weapon of war without face but still the fact is fact; a weapon needs a human hand to set it on. Even the terrorists without the back are nothing.. We have to find and fight that sourse. We are potentially more affected because of illiteracy, unavailibility of the basic needs of the public facility and the limited resources to overcome all these things.

  12. What inspires me more are the words from the people I admire. Ambarish Pandey is sure a name from that list. I have always been keen to hear and read his words and his approach towards the happenings. Thanks for your words. They mean alot. Now as far as your opinion is concerned I believe that the terrorism is not an issue limited in Pakistani borders only. Incidents like Samjhota Express, Gujrat Riot, Bali Bomb Blasts, 7/7 in UK , these incidents are spread all across the world. Different people execute them with the help of different sources and resources but who suffers the most from this all; Pakistan and Pakistanis. My Question to the world is Why Us only.
    We are not the terrorists we are the potential targts for the terrorists. The World really has to understand this. No matter its Bush administration or Obama for a common Pakistani Man, things remain same. These Drone attacks are causing the reactions, and whose suffering? We are. The terrorist networks all across the world are utilizing and exploiting these conditions and targeting the civilians. I really believe this terrorism issue should not only be connected with Pakistan only. World really has to address this thing and treate it differently.

  13. Millions of Pakistanis realy need to join and they must but all of it would be in vein if people like you don’t understand them, encourage them and accept them. Thanks alot for Accepting and Understanding. I am not concerned with the million voices but I believe even if its one clear voice with the message of the nation, my nation would back it up, thats how much of faith lies in the name of PAKISTAN for me.

  14. I read ur artical and am also agreed wd u that “ye ham nahe hy”
    and from whole artical central point of view is we have lack of unity, and due to this reason we r called the most dangerous creatures on the earth.as we all know this thing that we r not bt the thing is to prove that we r not that who r destroying peace inh the world, infact we r muslims and ISLAM is name of peace and no muslim can do such that things.and u also said right that the gov not only the responsible for that bcoz gov power is a nation, and nation power depends on unity of the people.as vishal says this is time to join hands and porves that “ye ham nahe hy”.
    this is the time that every pakistani should realize thier responsbility and (Come Join Hands and Let the World Know).



  15. War against terorism is only America’s rhetorica to blame muslim world including Pakistan. So, Vish’ writing reminds us that yes, we’re the target and the victims instead of the terorist. Coz the real terorist is America itself who support Israel to genocide Palestinian, its troops to kill Iraqi in the false accused of chemical weapon, and now Afghanistan is in occupation. Right…we must hand in hand to work on this issue to make the true opinion and show to the world that actually it’s America and its allies who try to put muslim wolrd as a black sheep. Keep writing, Vish:)

  16. I completely agree, its not only ones personality that should be generalized as being the natural way for a whole nation, thats mearly only one person, or a small group. People tend to remember better and quicker the bad, than the good… which is a pity.

    One should really think twice before doing something irational
    Thnx alot Vish my dear
    God Bless u

  17. Your feedback really encourages me and I feel so good that I started off this thing, and gave you guys a place to speak. I wish the word just hits the lips of every Pakistani everywhere in the world just as our Bollywood chartbusters do. Yeh Hum Nahin Hein.
    Thanks Guys I appriciate all your words.

  18. Drear Vish,

    I am here to support you always…i think that not only Pakistan suffers but as a whole the whole Islamic world suffers.Its a fact and i really apologise that this terrorists are related to Islam in any case. They are Muslims.So committing this type of activities really hamper the goodwill of the Islamic world whereas the truth is something else.Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and it doesnt support terrorism.I am sure this terrorists who calls them selves as muslims are not real muslims.They are just bugs in the world.We need to verify and address this bugs as soon as possible.Due to this people every simple muslim who has nothing to do with terrorism suffers. I have seen in companies and MNCs how visa applications are rejected…just they are Muslims.I sympathy and really support you people.Sorry if have said anything wrong…and i again repaeta ..”Hum jantain hain ..ki aap log aise nahi ho…aur abb zimedari aap logon par hai ki kaise aap yeah daag apne mathe se hataoge…paar haan agar humari zaroorat pari to hum khare hai apke liye!”

  19. ya i do degree,people remember only bad things rather than good things…if people unite then they can bring peace to the nation…

  20. Most things in life are simple… If you needed to say so many words to explain Why Yeh Hum Nahin hein. The answer is clear.

    You have methodically reduced the non muslim population in your country. Any efforts by your citizens to fight for justice for these folks ? You guys know your government has been sending terrorists to J&K for the last 15-20 years. Any efforts from Pakistani citizens to protest against this act.

    Infact the truth… which always hurts the most and makes people right long stories about Why Yeh Hum Nahin Hein… is really simple.

    Pakistanis is exactly what you guys know in the bottom of the heart. What others think about Pakistanis is not relevant. And it hurts because the truth aint all rosy… You cant fool yourself into believing that Pakistanis are good folks surrounded by some random terrorist thinking breed. Islamic Terrorism is now in your genes.

    Good Luck. I would bet on a nuclear end to this disaster called Pakistan or a split into many countries. It will be the best outcome for the world.

  21. The simplest answer to your So Called Ideology from ME as a Pakistani is That Vishal, the author of the post is a Non Muslim, Living inside Pakistan ever since he is born and feels more secure that being anywhere in this world beside Pakistan. Inside or Outside you will have to accept that the reality and the truth is hard to digest and thats what happened here too. The truth that YEH HUM NAHIN HEIN, was way to hard to digest for narrow minded and limited thinking people like you. I just wish you all the very best with your thinking and approach but as a peaceful Pakistani and a peace loving human of this universe I would wish God stop making people like you who with their negative approach, change the course of the world.
    Long Live Pakistan, Long Live Pakistani Nation.
    God Bless

  22. Well, I totally agree with you Vishal. You hv done great in this way. There is no doubt that “YAH HUM NAHIN HAIN”. You know what it was Mush’s policies that we are suffering a lot these days. You know when last Govt. diverted their attention from Economy perspective, because of Chief Justice and Lal Masjid issue. Till yet we couldn’t be stablized. As you know America suffered minor in 9/11, but we suffered a lot in every context. Look how much we lost billion of dolars for this so-called WAR with knowing that this is not our WAR. Frankly speaking, this so-called war started by US for actually exploiting Natural Resources of Middle East and Central Asian Republics, and Taliban, and War on Terror is just drama. Condelleza Rice was on Board in Multi Billion Dollar Oil firm. What i believe is America’s next 100 years food(Economy) is in ASIA. so they are making us fool and we are doing great in this regard according to their requirement, and always say “YES” when they attack us by Drones. Dun u think its Funny. We are sleeping at all ! But Media and Civil society is doing gr8


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