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Our taxes are fired in air

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All Pakistanis are happy that Punjab Police along with rangers have taken the control of Manawan Police training school center in just eight hours. Rangers told media that four terrorists have blown up themselves; 30 police trainees are killed and over 100 are injured in the gruesome incidents. Geo news correspondent who was inside the premises of the training center said that commandos of elite force and army have captured four terrorists alive. Earlier, government official Rao Iftikhar said about 11 of the gunmen remained holed up at the top floor of a building in the compound, and they were holding some 35 police hostage. An exchange of firing between Personals of law enforcement agencies and militants resulted in successful operation where state won in just eight hours.

The only hope left with masses is – four of the terrorists are captured alive other than the one who has been identified as Afghan national outside the training center. The building has been cordoned off with intention to keep the forensic evidences intact.

Once Operation was ended up – police started firing; and pumped several shorts in the air; a traditional sign of celebration;flashed “V” signs- to announce victory and shouting “Allah-o-Akbar” for overpowering the terrorists.

The rounds given to police are purchased with the money– common people like us; pay in shape of taxes to government. Despite the fact that police has taken control of terrorists; Firing in air is still prohibited and illegal. Government has made it prohibited firing in air and if common men fire in air- police is liable to arrest them even if the intention is only jubilation.

According to Pakistan penal Court section 337 H-2 is applicable against the crime of Firing in air; it is bailable offense if intention is to celebrate but recently Pakistan Penal Court has incorporated it with anti-terror act. If someone is injured during firing in air; this becomes an un-bailable offense and minimum imprisonment defined is three years.

In wake of today’s incident – Footage on TV indicates that policemen kept firing in the air even after the operation was completed. Single bullet costs approximately 20-26 rupees to government if it is bought from ammunition companies that manufacture bullets in Pakistan. In case of imported bullets this costs increases accordingly. TV footage revealed that policemen kept firing in air for long. I am surprised why police was violating law while it is incumbent upon them to enforce law, If Any of the precious life of any passerby is lost due to firing– who will be accountable for it.

For many people in Pakistan firing in air was important for raising the morale among policemen but still it is advisable not to do such actions that are prohibited. Police is supposed to protect people and enforce law in country rather to violate it.

Policemen were firing as if they have conquered Delhi and celebrating this way. Masses pay taxes to government for their security and to maintain law and order in the country not for fake celebrations of police. Police is incapable of controlling street crimes in country; while it is widely known that attacks on Sri Lankan Cricket team was the failure of Pakistani law enforcement agencies. I would suggest Police forces instead of wasting time in such things they should focus on their duties; This incident would have been impossible without the assistance of rangers where uniformed high ups of police fall in the gutters.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. Dear Rubab,

    Please have someone proof read your articles before posting. The article is peppered with grammatical mistakes.

    Raza Rizvi

  2. A very good angle for todays tragic inident… for wat the are jubilant? I think, only reaching one hour late at crime scene? Why an injuried terrorist escaped from cordoned off area? For wat army and rangers were called in if police elite force is enough capable? if our poloice is well trained than why ASP Model Town(Jawad Ahmad) Got injured in first hour of battle?

    I just want to add these questions to your article and one more. I know a lot of Police officials who were avoiding professional training because they don’t want to fight. We have seen common criminals engage these saviours(huh)for hours.

    Can a political inducted police constable perform well in hour of need?

    May Almighty bless this nation and country…

  3. Respected Readers!
    I am grateful for pointing out my mistakes .. Your comments are an important source for me to mend my mistakes and make myself and Pakistan Times up to mark.

    My appologies from all my respectful readers to disappoint them in regard of editing.. when i posted this article on Pakistan Times i knew that it carried several mistakes… i realized it had more than ENOUGH grammatical blunders.

    I know there should not be any justification while it is matter giving a particular message but still i want to give one.. i was so numbed over the situation in Pakistan that was taking shape due to this incident and the repercussions this could have bore for the future of Pakistan. Particularly in times when Pakistan is kept at center of Obama’s New Afghan strategy..

    My words were coming from space and i was writing in alien language..

    I am once again grateful to those who took special time to indicate my mistakes. Their comments are very important for me to mend myself and Pakistan Times

    Keep coming
    Keep guiding

    Best Regards

  4. Rubab:

    Very interesting take on the incident!

    Just one point, I would make – Pakistan is not in this state because it is “at the Center of Afghan policy”, but rather it is at the “center of Afghan policy” because Pakistan has been in this state.

    It is an important distinction.

    As I have said before, there comes a time in every nation’s and person’s life, when one HAS to finally deal with his/her/their own Devils. And at that time, no one can help. Only ruthless honesty is required.


    • Thanks you so much Desh..

      i agree with you that devils are very much in Pakistan… i along with everyone in Pakistan understand that these are the militants who can never be Pakistanis from their hearts.. so it is seepage from boarders…

      and there few other things written on the wall that are not visible to the rulers..

      Thanks for guiding

  5. Yes there are “devils” in every nation’s and person’s life. And I do believe it’s important to deal them rationally and without violence. But history shows there has never been finality achieved in doing so. Otherwise we would have, long ago, had heaven on earth. The best we seem to be able to do is disguise our own devils while pointing out how poorly our neighbors deal with their own. Perhaps in recent history (the sixty years) the US has the worse record in this regard.

    Pakistan-Times! is a second language publication whose message and whose very existence is light years more important than its proper use of the second language. Cheers to Rubab for knowing what the priorities are. Time may smooth things out here for grammar and spelling, yet it still hasn’t, for example, for the Japan Times, Tokyo’s daily English newspaper, and it’s been around for decades.

    Far more important, I believe, to support Rubab in her priorities, which are the priorities of the people of Pakistan. – Tommy Schmitz


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