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Obama’s speech disappointed many: Gen Hamid Gul


Islamabad: The speech of US President Barak Obama has not only disappointed many but proved that he is not different from his predecessors, a former army general said Saturday. The speech of American president indicates that he is suffering from inferiority complex and leading towards imperial arrogance. The system has overshadowed him, said Lt. Gen. (Retd) Hamid Gul.

The former DG of ISI said increasing number of troops in Afghanistan will only add to the problems of America and predicted defeat for foreign forces within two years. He said that no super power could change the destiny. He said that religious faith were behind the recent movement that resulted in reinstatement of deposed judiciary. That is why US had to surrender to the will of Pakistanis. “It was the first-ever time army sided with masses,” he said.

“Two nations theory has crossed boundaries of sub continent and engulfed whole globe,” said Gul adding that Muslims are being targeted everywhere. He said politicians divide the nation irrespective of the nobility of their cause and we have yet to decide about system to run our country.

Pakistan could not get a leader after Muhammad Ali Jinnah but our journey isn’t a waste. Surviving in such a hostile circumstances is a major achievement. “We should prepare to lead the world and for this we need ideological educational institutions,” he said adding that there are lot of schools pushing students against the ideology of Islam and Pakistan.

In such circumstances, there is need for ideological institutions across Pakistan, said gen. Hamid Gul. This he said while speaking at an awards distribution ceremony at Rawalpindi Islamic School of Excellence (Rise).

He said Pakistan was not formed for economic gains or other petty reasons as cited. It was formed to lead the world after providing a practical and workable Islamic model to govern people. He said his aim of life is to promote this idea and he is not retired or tired and the enemies of Pakistan know it well. “Pakistan and Islam are tied to each other.”

At the occasion chairman RISE and President Pakistan Economy watch Dr. Murtaza Mughal said that Musharraf and his band tried to harm the Islamic identity of Pakistan but failed miserably. Student leaders of Pakistan Movement Nasim Anwer Baig said that Quaid-e-Azam never used words like enlightened moderation or modern Islam etc. Mirza Riaz said that principles of founder of Pakistan and Islamic principles could lead us to success. Other who were present on the occasion included Gen (Retd) Asif Dareez and Brigadier Noor-ud-Din of thinkers forum.-PEW



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