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Friday, June 25, 2021

Suicide hit leaves 50 martyred in mosque, over 100 injured at Jamrud

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PESHAWAR: The deadly blast that struck a mosque in Jamrud tehsil of Khyber Agency has left 50 martyred and over 100 wounded, 25 of them seriously when a suicide bomber blew himself up amidst the worshippers who were queuing for offering Friday prayer, said top administrator of Khyber Agency Capt® Tariq Hayat Khan. The bomber detonated the mosque situated close to Bigyari Check Post of the Khasadars.

The eye witness said as the Khateeb stood up for the prayer, the bomber blew himself up, splattering the human flesh all around the mosque. The walls of the mosque stained with blood and littered with organs of the human bodies. The worshippers within no time were buried under rubble of the two storey building as its gigantic structure was razed to the ground.

The local volunteers and rescuers extracted 50 dead bodies and over 100 injured from debris of the building of which condition of 25 was stated to be critical. Emergency has been declared in all the three major hospitals of Peshawar district. The ambulances were rushed to the site and over 60 injured have been shifted to hospitals in Peshawar.

The political agent said that around 250 to 300 people were offering prayer when the blast occurred. To a question, he said, the administration had launched operation against the extremists and the Khasadar force was directed to shoot at sight the miscreants. As a result of the operation, he said, the extremist elements had fled from the agency.

Tehsildar Jamrud told newsmen that rescue operation started soon after the blast. The dead also included local tribesmen, drivers and cleaners of the trucks who usually stopped for prayers while traveling. No organization has so far accepted the responsibility for the deadly blast.

Meanwhile President of Awami National Party Asfandyar Wali Khan while talking to local mediamen while condemned the blast. He said that suicide attack in a mosque during jumap prayers could be a part of larger insurgency and urged the people to rise against the menace of extremism.

Expressing regret over the tragic blast he said that the people should now try to understand that it is not war for Islam or Shariat, its simply æFasadÆ and not æJehad. “If anyone was interested in Jehad, he should go to Isreal”, said the emotional Asfandyar Wali Khan in a depressed tone

To a question, he said, collateral damage could fuel insurgency if this trend was not stopped forthwith. Foreigners are operating unbridled in the tribal regions, he said, adding, we are reaping what we have sown during last three decades.

He said that attack in the mosque might be reaction to the drone attacks in the tribal areas as according to him no independent nation could tolerate foreign attacks on its soil. Asfandyar Wali Khan contended that majority of the tribal people were peace loving and not extremists. He argued if tribesmen were involved in peace talks, no question arises of its failure.

In reply to a question, the ANP leader said, most of the attackers have been fed here and the country was facing the brunt of the previous wrong policies pursued from time to time. He warned that we will face the same trouble if we did not expel the foreigners from our soil.

The NWFP Governor, Owais Ahmed Ghani has strongly condemned the suicide attack on a Mosque in Khyber Agency on Friday, describing it a barbaric and cowardly act of terrorism. He has also expressed his deep shock and grief over the loss of precious lives and expressed sympathies with the bereaved families. In a condolence message, the Governor said the targeting the innocent worshippers in a holy place like Mosque itself speaks about the barbaric and retrogressive mindset of the elements, involved in such heinous crime.

“These are the elements, playing into the hands of anti?Islam and anti?Pakistan forces, which are out to create anarchy in the society by resorting to such cowardly tactics of terrifying the people”, the Governor said and described it as “highly un?civilized and inhuman act.”

The Governor called upon the people to be exercise restraint but maintain peace and cohesion in their ranks to foil the nefarious designs of our enemies. The Governor directed the political administration to take full care of the people injured in the incident and also extend all assistance to the bereaved families.

While President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani strongly condemned the suicide attack at a mosque in Khyber Agency. In their separate messages, the President and Prime Minister vowed that the perpetrators of such heinous crime would be brought to justice.They directed the concerned authorities to investigate into the matter. President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani also condoled with the families of the deceased.-APP

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  1. …. and the story continues! Blasts, target killings, drone attacks, suicidal attacks, where are we heading? How in the world can a muslim target muslims praying in the mosque! Its really high times guys! The water has long flown over our heads! We have to put up joint efforts, we really have to before its too late.
    Come on guys we all know “KE YEH HUM NAHIN HEIN”, Its time to show and tell the world too that this is far beyond south n north waziristan!
    May God Bless Our Homeland!
    My heartiest condolences to the ones who lost their loved ones. Mav God bless you with the courage to come over these hard times.
    (No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings For No One At All).

  2. Seventy people have been killed and fifty others injured in a suicide attack at mosque in Jamrud, Khyber Agency.
    According to private TV report, near 50 dead bodies were recovered from the debris of the mosque in Khyber Agency.

  3. Its only we who can make the difference Rubab. Issues need to be highlighted then non issues. Positive critisism, positive journalism and positive thinking is required to create a sense of change in the society. A society where people have given up the hope of the betterment. Where people have just got insane, senseless, and speechless. 12 Months after the democratically elected government has taken the seat, things have not improved, but instead a sense of unsafety and unsecurity has increased. This government really has to take real hard materialistic steps to insure the people that their safety is Government’s due responsibility

  4. I am so deeply saddened for the dead and injured victims and their families. This cycle of violence must come to an end. We can, each of us, take responsibility to ensure that it does. – Tommy

  5. Dear Rubab!!!

    Yes, I agree everyone of us has got to come up, take responsibility, raise our voice, get to the people, make them listen to us and realize whats best of not them or us, but whats best for the country. For heavens sake come over this phobia of self interests first and stop running away from the responsibilities. Its our country, we have got to take the lead and inject the long losted love in the people again. I am sure no one wants this bloodshed around.
    I love the way you are trying hard to get to people but i still believe in you really wish to get in to them and make them listen; you will have to speak their language. How many of Pakistani’s read your English Language Blog? How Many of Them Actually Understand What you are fighting for? Think About it.

    “Think Like A Wise Man, But Communicate in The Language of Common People If You Want To Be Heard.”
    (No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No One at all)



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