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Reprodctive Health and Sexual Diseases In Pakistan


Pakistan is under developing country and is facing many problems. Majority of women and infant is dying due to lack of awareness about reproductive health. Health budget is insufficient in every distt. Majority of People belong to agriculture/labor department who can not face all burdens related to health or reproductive health. Majority of population is living in rural areas and women are not educated/aware about reproductive health. IMR&MMR ratio is increasing due to non-co-operation of Doctors and crew of hospitals because they consult to patients for treatment at their clinics. Similarly, untrained TBS, Dai,s, Quack, Hakeems and Unavailability of transports are main causes to increase ratio.

If we review the condition of Distt. Lodhran about reproductive health and its resources then we can easily define reproductive health condition in all over Pakistan.

Some years back Lodhran was Tehsil of Distt. Multan. The Late Ghulam Haider Wain Chief Minister Punjab up graded it according the urge of The Late Sadiqque Khan Kanjoo minister for foreign affairs Pakistan. Lodhran is deprived distt. of Punjab. It is situated near the bank of river sutluj related to Bahawalpur. Lodhran is backward area of Punjab by every basic necessities of life. It is consist on 3 tehsils, 73 union councils (11 urban and 62 rural), 436 mozas, 10 police stations, degree colleges 09 (05M, 04 F), commerce college 01, primary school 625 (258M, 367F), DHQ Hospital 01, THQ Hospital 02, RHCs 04, BHUs 48, sub health centers 07, rural dispensaries 10, MCH centers 01, school of nursing 01. Its revenues are abiyana (13.713M (Net Recoverable), 3.946 recovered), tawan 312.776 million (N.R) and 40.756 recovered, A.I.T (66.774M and 29.082 recovered). Lodhran health related indicators according distt. report of 2006 are antenatal car by skilled 24%, birth care by skilled 14%, post birth case by skilled attendant 13%, IMR 158%. But the public of Lodhran has no suitable source of income. They are related to agriculture field and these days this field is in loss by many reasons. The women are not introduced to RH, SRH. The socio economic culture is totally involved in this process. Similarly, in rural areas of Pakistan unskilled staff is facilitating to needy women, resultly majority of women and children are dying during child birth process or they became statue of their life. Similarly, the condition is same in all over Distt.,s of Pakistan.

If we review the international or national laws then conditions is different because laws only made for documentation and not active in any society. I study the book of my 3rd year class “Economic Development of Third World”. According to UN convention which was held in Tehran, Iran in a resolution was adopted asserting that “It is fundamental human rights for each person to be able to determine the size of his/her own family”. A current version of this position at least in more affluent societies, asserts that every women has the fundamental rights to the control of her own reproductive processes, including to the legal abortion as well as contraception. Because child and maternal health are also related the ability of parents to space their children at greater intervals, the human rights bases “freedom to choose” advocacy of family planning on ground of health as well as family health.

In addition to struggling on low income, many people in 3rd world nations fight a constant battle against malnutrition, disease and ill health. In the least developed countries of the world, life expectancy in 1988 averaged approximately 49 years compared with 57 years among other 3rd world countries and 73 years in developed nations. Infant mortality rate average about 124 in the least developed countries compared with approximately 96 in other less developed countries and in 15 in developed countries. The malnutrition, however, is only one component of ill-health and high mortality in developing nations and other is access to clean drinking water, which is one of the most important measures of sanitation. There are many diseases (typhoid fever, cholera and diarrhea which grow drinking unclear water. Similarly, medical care is an extremely scare social service in many parts of the developing world.

Our negligence is increasing MMR& IMR ratio because health budget is insufficient in every distt. Of Pakistan. The doctors are not cooperating the patients. Some TBA,s, Quacks etc. are earning money at their private clinic. There is a need of awareness about Reproductive health at grass root level. Our male dominating societies are producing many problems. If Govt. pay attention and trained social worker, volunteers, family members and other stockholders in their societies then a huge change can be here.

Sexual Diseases
Any sexual diseases or infections which are transmitted one another person when they meet as sexual relationship. If the women suffering from sexual disease then actually the men suffering in this disease. These diseases and infection are born in both male and female. They have not relationship to one person but the have sexual relationship with many persons. In this way sexual diseases and infections are spread and involve the men, women and children.

Due to unwanted and uncounted sexual relationship between men and women, they are suffering from many fatal diseases like Chlamydia, trachoma’s, Herpes, hepatitis and HIV/Aids. If a person shows the symptoms of any disease, he may be suffering this disease.
Symptoms are

• Foul smelly discharge from vagina.
• Irritation and allergy.
• Pain
• Painful Intercourse.

Some time symptoms are not appear for a long time inspite of disease so suffering person do not know about the disease. In the result of these, they face many problems. If they want to spend happy life then they check up regularly by a doctor and use medicine until infection is covered.

If a woman has any symptom of disease, it may be cancer in cervise or may be infertility. Tubal pregnancies are very common. If a suffering woman pregnant, pre term labor can be started and the baby may be weak, blind or dead.

If any person suffering from sexual disease other diseases like HIV/Aids is easily transmitted. Through posters, awareness is created among people how to prevent and how to treat sexual diseases.
When any male or female sexually meet with another without any safe method and any one is already suffering in this disease then infection is easily transmitted. This contact or relationship is usual between male and female in our society. In rectal intercourse the organ of men enter in to the rectum of other women or men. Sexual intercourse can be by mouth. It is called oral sex in this relationship mouth can use on genital tract. The sexual diseases are transmitted from one person to an other through infected organ/vagina.

If you want to save your life then avoid relationship with infected person. Although use condoms during intercourse majority of women can not treated due to shortage of money. They feel shy to tell others, some women afraid, if her husband know about it he think her bed character. If you know the women who are suffering in this condition then keep her under observation and guide her. If treatments start early then effect will be very soon. If her is suffering in the disease then her treatment is not important so her husband must be treated. After that it is very important to know that the infected person is taking medicine regularly and condition will be improved.



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