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Gilani warns that threats to Pakistan’s territorial sovereignity be countered fully

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Thursday said Pakistan has no aggressive designs against any country, however warned that any threat to its territorial integrity and sovereignty would be countered with full force. Addressing the participants of Exercise “Maaraka-e-Baqa” at National Defence University, Prime Minister Gilani stressed the need for an effective strategy to deal with both external and internal threats facing the country.

Prime Minister Gilani said Pakistan was passing through a difficult phase of complex security scenario and was confronted with a host of internal and external challenges. Gilani said Pakistan has been preparing for an external threat all these years, however the “internal threat has been evolving beyond comprehension and has weakened us considerably.”

He said history has shown that a weak inner front always tends to invite external aggression.“When seen with the widening force differential between ours and Indian armed forces, it explains to us its emboldened posture and her urge to find space for a conventional war,” he said.

Prime Minister Gilani said despite the current financial crunch, the government would ensure that all requirements of the armed forces were fully met, to prepare them to accomplish their mission. He commended country’s armed forces for their invaluable contribution in supporting the national efforts for combating terrorism and appreciated the huge sacrifices being made by them on western borders to flush out the rogue elements to maintain peace.

“It is because of our armed forces that we are playing the most pivotal role in ensuring peace for the whole world,” the Prime Minister said and added that important dignitaries have always acknowledged this during his meetings.The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction over the standard of training and level of comprehension of intricate security issues shown during various courses, for which he said the University deserved special appreciation.

He congratulated the President of National Defence University Lt General Mohammed Hamid Khan the faculty and others associated with the exercise for making it purposeful and thought-provoking, and wished good luck to the participants for the remaining part of the exercise.

President NDU in his welcome remarks briefed about the working of University and the role being played by it in imparting quality education on issues of national importance.

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen Tariq Majid and participants of the National Defence and War Courses reviewed the exercise.

The Prime Minister along with Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee and senior civilian and military leadership attended the initial presentations of Exercise Maarka-e-Baqa, which is high mark of the two courses run at National Defence University.

The participants of National Security College (comprising civilian officers of grade 20 and one star officers of three services of Pakistan Armed Forces) presented National Security Policies.

At the end, the Prime Minister appreciated the efforts of the members for thought provoking ideas for policy makers. He also commended the role of armed forces in defending Pakistan against external and internal threats. -APP

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