We die in ignorance and live in ignorance

I dont know how to respond to this.. death is strange thing.. i could never understand.. the pain it brings for those who are left behind and the relief it gives to the one whom it takes with it.. I can never understand the secrets it has in it. Since our birth we start striving for death and it keeps on dancing in front of our eyes; we wait for death and it comes close with every passing day.

We being Muslims believe that “every life has to decease to death”. People say life is uncertain but i firmly believe death is uncertain; it can come whenever wherever it has to come.

Whole team of Pakistan Times condole with Mahmood Akhtar Mahmood. He is one of dearest member of our team. Death of his sister in such early age is unbearable lose. For her parents, her 7-8 months old daughter, her 3-4 years old son, her husband and her brother who is far away from her and could not see her face last time. I know everyone will be settled after a month or so but an unending chain of sorrows and examinations starts for her kids who can not walk and talk properly. I can claim that i empathize his or her family’s pains; but my heart knows i can not understand their pains.

Early morning i opened my inbox and as usual a long list of emails to check.. but suddenly i stopped over to Mahmood’s email saying

Dear Rubab
I am sending you obituary of my sister to be published on Pakistan Times

I am confused whether i should share your feelings with world or not; can people understand the pain you are going through.. I certainly don’t know.. Even i am recalling my Father who died while i was only 7 and half; my grand mother; my cousin who was only 20 years old and her graduation results was out just after her death and my two maternal uncles who have just passed away in month of January 2009.

Perhaps everyone will recall their loved ones-like i am recalling. We forget this world and life is short-lived; we forget we have to return to our eternal homes; we get so busy in making marry and rejoicing that forget the pains and agonies of those innocent people who are either dying unnaturally either by diseases or bombs ; bullets or poverty; hatred or agony.

We live in ignorance and yeah die in ignorance; we live our own lives and forget our duties towards others; we forget we need to serve human beings; we need to spread love; what we remember is a competition..

I agree that being emotional is not advisable for Editor; but can we be so ruthless not to see the sufferings of humanity; cant we just stop for a minute and ask ourselves what are to be Humans?
Cant we just realize how much pain we have given to others; cant we just notice we are mere particles on earth; cant we feel we are not eternal; cant we take responsibility to make this world heaven; we yearn to be in heaven but we make life a hell just because we have stopped spreading love and transmitted negative energies in the world.

Can we just stop for a minute to give smile to others; can we just feel we can be eternal in hearts by giving love to others; can we treat whole humanity as Humanity not any creed not any religion not any colour.. I live in ignorance because people suffer because of me but that little sparrow; whose age of chirping was just started; butterfly who was giving colours to world in shape of her kids; She perhaps found the secret of death thus she left.

We are here to pray for soul; May Allah bless her soul in peace and higher her grades in heaven and bestow patience to the family of bereaved to bear this lose.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • I remembered a day when somebody informed me that a little baby girl barely 8 months of age is found near the gates of Mahadev Mandir. She was brought to an orphanage and i named her Shivi.She used to call me uncle. I was her “Pukku Uncle”. She grew up in front of me. I used to feed her with my own hands as she refused to get feed by any body else.I gaved her attention as much as possible. She always tried to give smile on every bodie’s face. Little angel. One day she camed to me asked me wether i can get a “bigggggggggg” ball for her. I hurried to get a ball for her. She used to play with this ball, without knowing it is gowing to take her life.She was playing and suddenly the ball camed down to road. She ran to get that ball ….but a truck came…and…i cant say more.
    She died …bleeding..and a little flower got broken from the world.My angel i dont know who were they who thrown u away …how have they done that..i also dont know Shivi Beta why you came in this world….to give happiness ?…u gave us so much love…but u have also maked us cry.Beta we will never forget you..and trust me! if my mother is correct..then you are with God..playing with him…dancing…laughing..and making Mahadev ji laugh.May you rest in peace and remember your ball is still with me…please come back….beta…please come back….

  • We are here to pray for soul; May Allah bless her soul in peace and higher her grades in heaven and bestow patience to the family of bereaved to bear this lose.

    My Heartiest condolences for Mahmood.

    I know how hard it is to lost someone real close. I lost my younger sister at a tender age of 17 a few years ago, and i still feel the pain wondering around my home, in the eyes of My Mum, My Dad, My Younger Brothers, My elder Sisters, everyone around just seems to have laid here in their memories alive. She is there, moving, talking and remembered. We still love her and miss her presence. So Having gone through the pain, all i would say is may God bless you with the courage to fight against the ever lasting memories. Memories are good times that make you cry and memories of bad times ……..
    (No Hard Words No Harsh Feelings for No one at all)