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Obscene Streamers

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I want to draw your attention towards a very critical issue that I noticed since i am acquainted with the meaning of obscenity. It is strange to find unusually obscene and vulgar pictures of Stage and Film Actresses on the streamers of Street Lights along with GT Road that passes from Gujranwala City. These posters and streamers give not only an ugly look to Gujranwala;Industrial Hub of Pakistan but leaves an impression that people in Gujranwala are fond of such things. I am not good at communication theories but still find it appropriate that what kind of public opinion or perception is required from masses can be obtained by providing them with same.

Sangam Cinema, located on a noticeable position on GT Road and adjacent to the Corporate Hub, Trust Plaza; owners perhaps try to target those audience, who is very keen to see such stuff. This Cinema has some really vulgar and arousing pictures on billboards of Pakistani Movies on its facade. So they welcome people if they are going to enter in palace of obscenity.

I feel embarrassed while passing by this cinema along with my family and i am sure everyone in Gujranwala feel same. I am convinced that Promoters perhaps have to adopt such tactics to attract people to the movie and these boards are truly for promotional activities, on other hand it leads to several unsolvable issues. Including Road accident that can claim lives; several researches have been conducted inter-relating these bill board and road accidents. Further women are presented in obscene manner that hardly coincide with Pakistani culture;moreover they are presented in arousing manner that a normal man is attracted towards them. Men are shown as if they are the biggest DONs in the city and everyone should be scarred of them otherwise they will kill everyone whosoever comes their way.

Just imagine many schools are situated on the same road or students have to pass through these cinemas on daily basis while moving from one part of the city other; what effect these innocent and vulnerable minds catch? I am not concerned about anyone but for my next generation.. I wonder can’t Pakistani Film Makers produce something REALLY positive that helps us in diffusing our image in world and we could say with proud yeah this movie is Pakistani. Other day an American friend asked about Pakistani movie he wanted to watch; i was so embarrassed casue i could not recall any one of worth watching.

I request all the high ups including City District Govt. Gujranwala, DCO Gujranwala, CM Punjab, DIG Police, and other concerned authorities to take serious action against these ads to get relief the inhabitant of the Gujranwala and austerely ban the Promotions of these movies in the country in such an inferior way. Because these cheap tactics to target general public will lead them to frustrated generation of dunces.

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Salman A. Sheikhhttp://www.pak-times.com
Salman A. Sheikh is Freelance Writer. He is currently pursuing his studies in Business. He is interested in writing about Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Biographies, and Suggestions.
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  1. i, no doubt, side with mr. salman at this point, as i m sure every sane mind would. this definitely is not only a source of discomfort for ordinary citizens, but also is an incentive for all those people who r on verge of falling into the vulgar addiction of stage shows. it promises them that u just take one step and we r there for u.

    also i would like to say that we have entered an era in history where the war tends to have moved from arms to media and i m sorry to say that our media is not playing its vital role in its part.

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