Message for Pakistan Day

Association of Pakistani Lawyers, a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, Judges in UK jointly express their facilitation to the people Pakistan on the National day and express their solidarity and good will for them at the crossroad of country’s political landscape and have the following message:

We can only make Pakistan a successful, progressive Islamic state if we individually eliminate the differences in our sayings and doings and remain firm and united and fight on principles, by remaining honest, speaking truth and by practicing justice in small and larger matters of our individual as well as national life.

This can only be achieved, if Pakistan’s executive & state representative’s practice complete fairness in relation to its obligations and responsibilities and are accountable to its people who elect them and operate a crystal policy of unity, faith and discipline in nation building and they provide their services in accordance with the Islamic injunctions, & Constitution of Pakistan 1973 coupled with complete harmony & nation’s trust and promote acceptable internationally recognised human rights in respect of its citizens, minorities and above all women who play an important part in any progressive and developing society.

May God bless Pakistan with strong, brave and intelligent united leadership who think in the wider interest of Pakistan and utilises its resources for Pakistan’s development and for its people’s progress in this 21st and coming centuries.

Pakistan Zinda Bad, Quaid e Azam painda Bad.

About the author

Amjad Malik

Amjad Malik, Solicitor–Advocate of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, life member of SCBA of Pakistan, a specialist in immigration and Human Rights Law. He is a member of Law Society’s Immigration Law Committee’, he was awarded ‘Young Human Rights Lawyer Award’ for the year 2000. In the year 2001,Young Pro Bono Solicitor’s Group also named him for the national ‘Young Pro Bono Solicitor Award’. On 28 February 2007 he was awarded by (UICF) United International Community Forum (UK) in recognition to his outstanding professional contribution towards service of Asian and British community in role model capacity where Chief guest was Mrs. Cherrie Blair. He sits on ‘UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Pro Bono Lawyer’s Panel.’ He is UK representative on young lawyer committee of the International Bar Association & UK Director of Human Rights Foundation (USA) and is a current Vice chair of ‘Association of Pakistani Lawyers (UK)’.

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